1st Holy Communion Class 2017
6th Grade getting ready for Memorial Day 2017
Glee Club
Grade 1-1 - France- Can Can
Grade 1-1
Grade 1-2 China - Chinese Flower Drum Song
Grade 1-2 China
Grade 2 - Africa - Traditional West Africa Song - Fanga Alafia
Grade 2 Africa
Grade 2 Dancing to Wakka Wakka
Grade 3- Poland - Polish Folk Song Goralu Czy Ci n Zal
Grade 4-1 Playing7 LaBamba on the Recorder
Grade 5 - Dancing the Tango
Grade 5- USA
Grade 6- Russian Folk Song - Kalinka
Graduating Class 2017 May Crowning
Holy Angels Spring Concert Band
K-1 Australian Folk Song - Kookaburra
K-2 USA - Ive Been Working on the Railroad
Sprucing up the fire hydrant

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