Welcome to fourth grade!

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me! You can call the office, send a note with your child, or e-mail me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. /.

*Note: There is an excellent resource online for studying the Vocabulary words.  There are games, word searches, flash cards, and practice quizzes for the words.  You can find this on www.vocabularyworkshop.com. Click the ORANGE book, then click the unit number we are working on.

*Parents, please label your child's pens.  
Math page 123 + 124 even numbers
Because of Winn Dixie Chapter 5 Response
Math page 121 
Because of Winn Dixie Chapter 4 Response
Vocab pg 85
Because of Winn Dixie Chapter 2 Response 
*Math test tomorrow
*Vocab test tomorrow
*Math packet due on April 26th
Write the next 7 vocab words in a sentence in your notebook
Math workbook page 222 #7-23 only. Students MUST show the models in their notebooks!
Spring pictures tomorrow
Spelling test tomorrow
Write the first 8 Vocab words in a sentence in your notebook
Math workbook pages 107- 108 Complete the rest of the pages
Spelling Quiz on Friday
Fractions test on Tuesday
Vocab Test on Tuesday
Write the first 8 vocab words in your notebook five times each
Math workbook pages: 101 #4, 8, 12 ,16 ,28, 32, 36, 40 AND  pg 102- the rest of the page
*Fractions test moved to to Tuesday,April 12th.
**Spelllng quiz on Friday
Bring in Because Of Winn Dixie on Monday
Math test on Fractions on Friday
Students should get plenty of rest! Please bring in three sharpened pencils.
Readybook page 232-234
Grammar page 75
Math page 95
Grammar book page 72
Test corrections due on Friday
ELA worksheet- Students should make each paragraph RADD by: Restating the question, Answering the question, Detail from the text, and Detail from the text.
Math test on Lessons 2.3.4. and 5 on Wednesday
Science page 125-127 #9-13
Math page 75
Study for religion test tomorrow
Please bring in the permission slip by tomorrow
Please bring in looseleaf!
Mah test on Lessons 2,3,4, and 5 on Wednesday
Readybook pg 226-228
Grammar worksheet- counted as quiz
Religion pg 118
Religion test on Friday
Math test on Wednesday
Please bring in looseleaf! We have none for the rest of the year.
Readybook page 224-225
Math worksheet
Vocab test tomorrow
Religion test on Friday
Vocab- write the next seven words in a sentence
Math page 74
Grammar page 71
* Vocab test on Wednesday. Religion test on Friday.
Readybook page 172-173
Write the first 8 spelling words in a  sentence.
Spelling test tomorrow, vocab test on Wednesday
Readybook page 166-167
Write the next 7 spelling words five times each
Spelling test on Friday, Vocabulary test on Wednesday
Packets due tomorrow
Please send trip money by tomorrow!!
Readybook page 164-165
Write the first 8 spelling words five times each in your notebook
Packets due Thurs.
Please send trip moneybyThursday.
Readybook page 132-134
S.S. Write all the "words to know" from page 67 in your notebook.
*Fat Tuesday is tomorrow. We will be having pancakes. Everyone should come in to school wearing pajamas!
~~~~Break homework~~~~
Dental project due 2/28
Readybook Assessment page 1-20 due 3/2/17
Math packet due 3/2/17
Math worksheet
Grammar page 69
*Science extra credit due tomorrow 
*Science test tomorrow



Ready book page 122-123

Science pg 103

*Science extra credit due on Friday

*Science test on Friday



Science page 102
Grammar lesson 13 worksheet
Religion Test tomorrow
Science Test on Friday

Religion page 106

Science page 95 #4-6

*FREE red/pink dress down tomorrow

*Cupcake sale tomorrow

*If you were supposed to get a hamburger on 2/9/17, you will recieve hamburgers for lunch tomorrow

*Religion test on Wednesday

*Science Test on Friday



Readybook page 104-105

Math page 73#1-10

Test corrections due on Thursday

*Chapter 8 religion test on Wednesday 2/15

*Chapter 3 Science Test on Friday 2/17


Ready book page 88-89

Math worksheet

Thank you for all the appreciation today!


Math page 72 #1-10

Science page 90 #7-11

Test corrections due tomorrow

Study for Science Quiz on Thursday


Grammar page 65

Study for Social Studies chapter test tomorrow

Religion, Math, and Vocabulary test corrections are due by Wednesday

*Science Quiz on Thursday



Reading Rally on Monday- Three paragraphs due!!!! It is a project grade.

Social Studies Test on Tuesday

Science Quiz on Thursday


Readybook page 80-81

Social Studies page 59-60

*Religion Test tomorrow

*Three paragraphs on Literary Character due on Monday

*Social Studies Chapter Test on Tuesdat

*Science Quiz on Thursday


Ready book pg 72 and 73

SS. page 57 "Got it" questions

*Study for Religion Test on Friday

*Scholastics and/or $2 for Winn Dixie due tomorrow

*Three paragraphs for Reading Rally due on Monday

*S.S. Test on Tuesday


1. Grammar worksheet

2. S.S. pg 54-56 #2-4

3. Religion- read page 86, answer the question on page 88

*Scholastic due on Thursday

*Three paragraphs about your favorite character due on Monday


Study for Math test on Tuesday!

Scholastics due Thursday, Jan. 26th. Remember, please either buy Because Of Winn Dixie or bring in two dollars.

Test corrections due on Tuesday

Religion Test on Friday

Three paragraphs for Reading Rally due on Jan. 30th. Read flyer for details.



Math page 63

S.S. page 48 and 49, numbers 4-6

Tomorrow is Polka Dot/ Stripes Day! $1.00 dress down

Math test on Tuesday


Math worksheet

Grammar page 61

Vocab page 62

*Vocab test on Thurs.


Spelling- write the next 8 words in a sentence

Vocab page 61

Math page 62

*Study for Science Test and Spelling Quiz tomorrow


1. Spelling-Write the first 7 words in a sentence

2. Vocab pg 60

3. Math worksheet

Grammar test tomorrow

Science Test and Spelling Quiz tomorrow


1. Math page 61- the rest of the page

2. Spelling- Write the next 7 spelling words in your notebook five times each

3. ReadyBook page 46-47

*Grammar Test on Thursday

*Spelling Quiz and Science Test on Friday

*Half day on Friday



1. Math page 61#1-10 only

2. Spelling- Write the first 8 spelling words in your notebook five times each

3. Complete the handwriting sheet

*Christmas Packets due tomorrow

*Grammar Unit Test on Thursday

* Spelling Quiz and Science Test on Friday


Enjoy your weekend. Don't forget, the Christmas break packets are due Tuesday. I will give students their January reading logs on Monday.

Next week's tests:

Grammar Test on Thursday- Unit 2

Science Test on Friday- Ch. 2

Spelling quiz on Friday.


1. Math page 60

2. Grammar pgs 58-59

Grammar test on Thursday Jan 12th on Unit 2.

Science Test on Friday, Jan. 13th on Chapter 2.

*Next month, we willl be reading Because of Winn Dixie in class. If you do not have the book already, Scholastics is offering it for $2. You may purchase it through there, or bring in $2 by January 26th




1. Math page 59

2.Grammar page 55

Test correction due tomorrow



1. Math worksheet

2. Grammar page 53

*Test Corrections due on Thursday

*Math and ReadyBook packets due Tuesday, Jan. 10th

Happy New Year!


Red and Green Dress Down tomorrow for $1

No afterschool tomorrow

***Math and Readybook packets due on Tuesday, January 10th.

Christmas Party tomorrow! :)


Math page 58 ONLY #1-10

Readybook page 40-42

*Social Studies quiz on The Iroquios on Wednesday



Grammar page 48

Math page 55

*If you bought the green Peace on Earth shirt, you may dress down tomorrow. Otherwise, students must be in uniform.

*Social Studies Quiz on Wednesday


Grammar page 46

Math page 54

Holiday shirt dress down on Friday

Social Studies Quiz on Wednesday




Grammar page 45

Social Studies page 43- All questions

*Vocab test tomorrow

**Tomorrow, be sure to dress WARMLY. It is a dress down, but students need to be prepared if there is no heat in the building.


Vocab page 52

*Vocab test on Wednesday


1. Math worksheet

2. Grammar page 41

3. Write the first eight words in your spelling/vocab book five times each

*Feast of Immaculate Conception on Thursday- NO SCHOOL

*Spelling Quiz on Friday. Math Chapter test on Friday


Keep Christ in Christmas art project due Monday (mandatory)

No school on Thursday

*Math test on Friday


Science sheet due tomorrow

math page 50 (rest of the page)

religion test tomorrow

*if you have a wind up/remote controlled toy, please bring it in tomorrow for a science lesson on speed. You will take it back home tomorrow; it's just for the lesson. Thank you!!


1. Math page 50 #1-10

2. Science sheet due on Friday

3. Packets due tomorrow

Religion test on Friday



1. MAth page 49

2. Religion page 59

*Scholastics due tomorrow

3. Test corrections due on Wednesday

4. Math and Grammar packets due on Thursday

*Religion Test on Friday


The Technical Texts projects all looked great! Happy Thanksgiving!


1. Math worksheet

2. Technical Texts project due tomorrow. Don't forget your cover, illustrations, and a sample!

3. Corrections due tomorrow

4. Math packet and Grammar packet due Dec. 1st



1. Math page 48 only #1-10

2. Write the science vocab words in your notebook. Use the words from page 55

3. Test Corrections due on Wednesday

*Vocab test tomorrow

*Technical Texts project due Wed.

*Art project is mandatory, due Dec. 5th



Vocab test Tuesday


Spelling- Write the next seven words in a sentence

Math- page 45

Spelling Quiz tomorrow

Half day tomorrow


Spelling- Write the first seven words in a sentence

Grammar- page 30

Science Test tomorrow



Math Worksheet

Spelling- Next 8 words five times each

Religion Test tomorrow, Draft due tomorrow, Thanksgiving lunch money due tomorrow

Science Test Thursday

Spelling Quiz Friday



Math page 44

Math- Write the seven times table three times each in your notebook

Spelling- Write the first seven words five times each

How to draft due Wednesday

Religion test on Wednesday, Science test on Thursday


Math page 43

Grammar page 29

Test corrections due on Tuesday

Religion Test on Wednesday* Technical Texts draft due on Wednesday. *Chapter 1 Science Test on Thursday


Math- Math worksheet. ALSO write the six times table three times each in your math notebook. Ex: 6 x 0 = 0

~Next Week~

*Religion Test on Wednesday(correction). *Technical Texts draft due on Wednesday. *Chapter 1 Science test on Thursday*



1. Math page 42

2. Frindle Chapter 12 chapter summary

3. Grammar page 27

*There is no school tomorrow or on Friday*

*Individual Picture Day on Wednesday, Nov. 9th.

*Class Picture Day on Thursday, Nov. 10th



Math page 41

Science page 42 *Students do not have to do number 3

Test corrections for religion and spelling due tomorrow

Note: Next Tuesday and Friday there is no school. There will be no spelling quiz next week.


1. Ready book page 24-26

2. Spelling- Write the next seven words five times each

*Scholastics due tomorrow

*Test corrections due tomorrow

*Spelling quiz on Friday10/24/16

1. Ready Book page 22-23

2. Spelling- Write the first eight words in your notebook 5 times each.

Test corrections due on Wednesday for Science Quiz and S.S. Test

Spelling Quiz on Friday

(attracttive, burden, consent, different, dependable, indicate, previous, qualify, response, shabby, thaw, urgent, vanity, your, you're)


1. Frindle Chapter 2 Summary sheet.
TerraNova begins again tomorrow. Bring three sharpened pencils.
*SS test on Wednesday
*Religion Ch 2 Test on Friday10/11/16


Get a good night's sleep tonight. TerraNove testinh begins tomorrow. Be prepared with three sharpened pencils.

*Update: Social Studies Chapter 1 test will be moved to Wednesday, Oct 19th.


Enjoy the weekend. Reminder: TerraNova testing begins next week. Please be prepared with a sharpened pencil everyday. On Friday, we will have our Social Studies Chapter 1 Test.


1. Ready book page 14-15

2. Math pg. 22 * JUST ADD AND SUBTRACT. We will do the CHECK in class.*

Vocab Test tomorrow

Math Test on Thursday

Science Quiz on Friday



Write the first eight spelling words in a sentence

Grammar page 19

Tests signed and corrected by Friday

*Social Studies quiz tomorrow. Spelling Quiz on Friday


Social Studies page 15 "Got it" questions

Spelling- Write the next 7 spelling words five times each

Math- page 15


Spelling- Write the first 8 words five times each

Grammar- page 17

Science- page 15 #9,10,11


Spelling Quiz corrections due on MONDAY

Social Studies Quiz on Thursday

Spelling Quiz on Friday


Social Studies page 9, " got it"

Grammar page 15

Spelling quiz correction due on Monday

~~Next week~~

Social Studies Quiz on Lesson 1 + 2 on Thursday


Ready book pages 9-10

Grammar page 13

Math test tomorrow!


Math page 10


Vocabulary page 13. Test tomorrow!

Math page 6. Test on Thursday!

Ready book page 6-7.

Religion test on Wednesday


Religion- page 25

Math- page 4

Spelling- Write the last seven words in a sentence

*Spelling Quiz tomorrow on the fifteen words

~~~Next week's tests~~~

Vocab Test Tuesday

Religion Test Wednesday

Math Test Thursday



Spelling- Write the first eight spelling words in a sentence

Math- page 3

Spelling Quiz on Friday

~~~Next week's tests~~~

*Vocab Test on Tuesday

*Religion Test on Wednesday

*Math Test on Thursday. Lessons 1-1, 3, 4, 6, and 10.


Spelling- Write the last 7 words five times each in your spelling notebook

Math- pg 1

Social Studies- Write the vocabulary words on page 5 in your notebook and use the glossary to define them.

Spelling quiz on Friday


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