Our Students

Bay Ridge’s first co-ed Catholic Academy with

the largest scholarship program in Brooklyn

Top Ten Reasons to Send Your Child to Holy Angels Academy

1.     Our students are taught to be committed Catholics who strive to do what  Christ would do.

2.     Our Students develop a personal relationship with God through prayer.

3.     Our students are academic achievers who show consistent effort to meet grade level expectations.

4.     Our students’ intellectual growth is coupled with their spiritual growth.

5.     Our students are effective communicators who evaluate and express information accurately.

6.     Our students are guided to a sense of responsibility, self discipline and an appreciation for each person’s uniqueness.

7.     Our students are critical thinkers who effectively formulate and respond to questions that require higher-level thinking.

8.     Our students develop a positive life outlook and self image through the teaching that all people are worthy of respect and are special in the eyes of God.

9.     Our students are responsible citizens who respect and actively care for the environment and the world around them.