1st Grade

Grade 1 Supply List 2018


First Grade Weekly Notice           Week of 


read for 20 minutes

Trip Day

No Homework


read for 20 minutes


read for 20 minutes

No Homework.

Enjoy the weekend.

Spelling –

write words 2x

Spelling –


Spelling –


Math –



Math –



Math –



Spelling Words

Upcoming Dates:





RED Folders – We have been discussing reading strategies that I have included in your child’s RED folder. Also we have begun to use our writer’s checklist and word wall included in the folder as well. Please remind your child to use these tools as they are completing their homework, as it will help them recognize sight words and check their sentence writing. I will begin small groups this month and will be checking children’s reading logs. Children should be reading every night to build their reading stamina. Please send RED (READ EVERY DAY) Folder to school EVERYDAY with at least two books in your child’s book bag – one from school and one from home. It will be brought home each night for reading homework to be completed. 

First grade will have music on Monday, computer on Wednesday, library on Thursday, and gym on Friday. Please be sure that your child is wearing the proper gym uniform – black HACA sweatpants or HACA gym shorts, gray HACA t-shirt, and sneakers.

            If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to send in a note or email me at any time. I will respond within 24 hours.

Thank you,

Ms. Hamouche

Responsibilities of a First Grader

The following is a list of responsibilities of a first grader. All of these will be and have been spoken about in class already, but it is important to provide you with a list so that you may reinforce the at home as well. Since these responsibilities are all new to your child, I will allow for a month until I expect all responsibilities are met. First grade is really about preparing your child to become independent, and I hope by reinforcing the following responsibilities your child will achieve our goal!

Your child should be able to…

•  Work independently at his/her desk

•  Work cooperatively with peers

•  Do all classwork as stated by the teacher

•  Listen to and follow sets of directions given by any teacher or the principal

•  Complete all homework and turn it in the next day

•  Stay seated for a longer period of time

•  Settle minor conflicts and disagreements on his/her own

•  Bring home the books stated by the teacher each day

•  Bring home Folder and RED folder each day

•  Take all announcements or notes out of his/her mailbox to take home

•  Hand in all announcements or notes from Folder to the teacher each morning

•  Go to and return from the bathroom without fooling around or making a mess

•  Use proper hygiene (e.g. washing his/her hands)

•  Study and be prepared for any scheduled tests

•  Walk quietly in the hallway

•  Be prepared with all supplies and/or books needed each day

•  Know how to tie own shoes

•  Ask questions (privately or in front of class) if and when they do not understand a lesson or concept

•  Participate regularly

•  Raise his/her hand before speaking

•  Keep his/her area clean (inside and outside desk)

•  Clean up after his/herself

•  Be aware of other’s personal space

•  Use an inside voice

•  Be kind, helpful, respectful to all

•  Keep his/her hands to his/herself

•  Tell a teacher when he/she or another is hurt, in danger, or uncomfortable in a situation