1st Grade

Thursday, November 15, 2018

  1. Correction to Homework sheet for tonight:    There is no Social Studies homework tonight.


FIRST GRADE WEEKLY NOTICE                          November 12th – November 16th




Read 20 minutes and log.


Read 20 minutes and log.



Read 20 minutes and log


Class Field Trip to the NY Aquarium today!




3x each


Sentences 1-8


Alphabetical order

*No Spelling Test this week*


Chapter 5 Test on Tuesday 11/20


Workbook pg. 137-138


Workbook pg. 143


Workbook pg.



Chapter 4 Test on Wednesday 11/21


Unit 3-4 Reading Test on Monday 11/19



  No homework!


Have a great weekend!


Spelling Words:

  1. are 2.   for           3.  tested        4.   melted         5.   yelled
  2. spelled 7.  jumped      8.  scratched                          *NO SPELLING TEST THIS WEEK, JUST HOMEWORK*

Reminders/Upcoming Dates:

  1. Class Field Trip to the NY Aquarium on Friday 11/16.
  • All students MUST wear their gym uniform.
  • Please send a paper or plastic bagged lunch with your child’s name on it. No lunch boxes. Plastic water bottles only, and please no containers of any kind. All items holding your child’s lunch must be disposable.
  1. Thanksgiving celebrations:
  • Our whole school celebration will be on Tuesday 11/20
  • Our class will have a small party in our classroom on Wednesday 11/21. Please coordinate with our class parent, Ms. Coyle, on what each student should bring to the party.  (Thank you for all you sent in and did for our Halloween party, the class had so much fun!)
  1. There will be no Spelling Test this week due to the short week and our Class Trip this Friday. The students will still need to complete Spelling homework to practice with Memory and Pattern Words.
  2. Reading/Superkids – Unit 3 & 4 Test on Monday 11/19. Please go over any Memory words or Spelling Patterns from these units.  Please also review the pages done in their class workbooks in order to prepare for their test.
  3. Religion– Chapter 5 Test on Tuesday 11/20
  4. Math- Chapter 4 Test on Wednesday 11/21
  5. How To Projects due on Wednesday 11/21
  6. Please be sure that all pencils in your child’s pencil case are sharpened each weekend. They should return to school each Monday with 10 freshly sharpened pencils.


Responsibilities of a First Grader

The following is a list of responsibilities of a first grader. All of these will be and have been spoken about in class already, but it is important to provide you with a list so that you may reinforce them at home as well. Since these responsibilities are all new to your child, I will allow for a month until I expect all responsibilities are met. First grade is really about preparing your child to become independent, and I hope by reinforcing the following responsibilities your child will achieve our goal!

Your child should be able to…

•  Work independently at his/her desk

•  Work cooperatively with peers

•  Do all classwork as stated by the teacher

•  Listen to and follow sets of directions given by any teacher or the principal

•  Complete all homework and turn it in the next day

•  Stay seated for a longer period of time

•  Settle minor conflicts and disagreements on his/her own

•  Bring home the books stated by the teacher each day

•  Bring Take Home Folder each day

•  Hand in all announcements or notes from Take Home Folder to the teacher each morning

•  Go to and return from the bathroom without fooling around or making a mess

•  Use proper hygiene (e.g. washing his/her hands)

•  Study and be prepared for any scheduled tests

•  Walk quietly in the hallway

•  Be prepared with all supplies and/or books needed each day

•  Know how to tie own shoes

•  Ask questions (privately or in front of class) if and when they do not understand a lesson or concept

•  Participate regularly

•  Raise his/her hand before speaking

•  Keep his/her area clean (inside and outside desk)

•  Clean up after his/herself

•  Be aware of other’s personal space

•  Use an inside voice

•  Be kind, helpful, respectful to all

•  Keep his/her hands to his/herself

•  Tell a teacher when he/she or another is hurt, in danger, or uncomfortable in a situation