1st Grade

May 29, 2019

1. Spelling- 3x each
2. Read 20 minutes and log
3. Math- pg. 614. Chapter 16 test on Monday June 3rd
4. Science- Chapter 5 and 6 test tomorrow

Spelling Words:
1. place
2. nice
3. page
4. please
5. mouse
6. glove
7. dance
8. sure
9. choice
10. large




In January, a few changes will be happening  in the First Grade:

  1. Students will begin copying their homework on their own into a notebook that they will call their “Homework Planner”.  (The notebook will be provided for them)
  • For the month of January, while the students are getting used to copying, I will still provide Homework/Assignment sheets for you to use as a reference in their Take Home Folders.
  • I will check their Planners each morning to make sure they are copying all homework and spelling words correctly.
  • I will always post homework on the school website for you to use as a reference once Homework Sheets stop coming home in February.
  • I will still send home monthly/weekly reminders when necessary.
  1. Students will be responsible for reading Test answers for each subject. I will still read the questions for each test aloud to them, but they will be responsible for reading the answer choices and selecting them correctly on their own. Students may raise their hand when they are having trouble reading and I will always help/assist them.
  1. Science will begin mid-January, there will be a short time that Science and Social Studies overlap while we are finishing up the final chapters of Social Studies.


Responsibilities of a First Grader

The following is a list of responsibilities of a first grader. All of these will be and have been spoken about in class already, but it is important to provide you with a list so that you may reinforce them at home as well. Since these responsibilities are all new to your child, I will allow for a month until I expect all responsibilities are met. First grade is really about preparing your child to become independent, and I hope by reinforcing the following responsibilities your child will achieve our goal!

Your child should be able to…

•  Work independently at his/her desk

•  Work cooperatively with peers

•  Do all classwork as stated by the teacher

•  Listen to and follow sets of directions given by any teacher or the principal

•  Complete all homework and turn it in the next day

•  Stay seated for a longer period of time

•  Settle minor conflicts and disagreements on his/her own

•  Bring home the books stated by the teacher each day

•  Bring Take Home Folder each day

•  Hand in all announcements or notes from Take Home Folder to the teacher each morning

•  Go to and return from the bathroom without fooling around or making a mess

•  Use proper hygiene (e.g. washing his/her hands)

•  Study and be prepared for any scheduled tests

•  Walk quietly in the hallway

•  Be prepared with all supplies and/or books needed each day

•  Know how to tie own shoes

•  Ask questions (privately or in front of class) if and when they do not understand a lesson or concept

•  Participate regularly

•  Raise his/her hand before speaking

•  Keep his/her area clean (inside and outside desk)

•  Clean up after his/herself

•  Be aware of other’s personal space

•  Use an inside voice

•  Be kind, helpful, respectful to all

•  Keep his/her hands to his/herself

•  Tell a teacher when he/she or another is hurt, in danger, or uncomfortable in a situation