4th Grade

Reminders and Upcoming Tests/Quizzes for 10/23- 10/27
– Get Science Quiz signed and make corrections…Due Tuesday!
– Social Studies Continents Quiz on Tuesday and Thursday
-Religion Chapter 3 Test Wednesday
-Spelling Quiz Friday
– Book Report due on November 8th
 Homework 10/19
1. Math Workbook page 27 and 28 (Even questions Only!)
2. Writing- How can we act like Samaritans in our lives? Full Paragraph
3. Write the lowercase and uppercase cursive alphabet.
4. Vocabulary Test tomorrow- Study!
Homework 10/18
1. Vocabulary page 32
2. Math Workbook page 26
3. Social Studies Chapter 1 Test tomorrow- Study!
– Vocabulary Test Friday!
 Homework 10/17
1. Vocabulary page 31
2. Science Worksheet (I will collect and grade it as a Quiz)
3. Bring in your Book Report book for approval!
-Social Studies Chapter 1 Test Thursday
-Vocabulary Test Friday
Homework 10/16
1. Vocabulary page 30
2. Get All Tests signed and make all corrections (Math, Spelling, and Social Studies)
– Social Studies Chapter 1 Test Thursday!
-Vocabulary Test Friday!