Little Angels


Congratulations to the Little Angels Class of 2018! We had such a fun and terrific year! Have a fantastic summer!!!

We had such a blast at the Walk For Education on May 25th! Little Angels loved being outside all day and having a picnic for lunch!

We are learning all about The life cycle of the butterfly in Little Angels!

4/27/18 – our little caterpillar friends arrived to the classroom!

4/30/18 – Our caterpillars are getting bigger and ready to make their cocoons!

5/3/18 – our caterpillars have built their cocoons! some of them decided to sleep on the bottom of the tub, but we will transfer them into our butterfly tent and wait for them to emerge!


Our caterpillars have finally come out of their cocoons and have become beautiful butterflies! We will release them in the Flowerpot Yard next week when they get strong enough!


Today we released our butterflies along with Pre-K, Kindergarten, and 1st Grade! The butterflies took some coaxing, but eventually they came out of their net and flew off to find a new home. Little Angels had a blast learning all about the life cycle of the butterflies and watching ours transform right in the classroom!


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