This week we will continue our Taking Care of Our Earth theme in Science.We will start our new Happily Ever After Unit in Reading .It is based on the composer Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf where the story characters are represented by the sounds various musical instruments make. We have a new state of the art toy kitchen set thanks to Kyle and family so that will make pretend play in Home Center even more fun.It is wonderful to observe during Choice Time in Centers how students continually think of new ways to use materials.As Einstein said.”Play is the highest form of research.””
We are going to learn about Monet this week in art and start a painting.
Please remember that we need an egg carton for our vegetable garden planting project on May 3.
NO SCHOOL ON FRIDAY.Teachers have a Professional Day at St.John’s University.
Our class singing Do Re Mi at the Spring Concert is going to melt your heart. They are awesome!