PreK has four days of school this week.Friday is a Professional Day for teachers. We are celebrating three birthdays this week. Joseph turns five on Tuesday and Gavin and Kaitlyn turn five on Wednesday. Wednesday is also a school wide Marvel comic hero dress down day. Children can wear a t shirt or costume that depicts a Marvel hero.

We will be learning about Dr.Martin Luther King ,Jr .in Religion and Social Studies this week. Next Monday we will be off for the holiday that commemorates his birth.

We are working on our facts and self image paintings in our All About Me Unit. These will be on display during Catholic Schools Week beginning Sunday ,January 27.

During that week we have different events day by day. An informational letter will come home.One of the days will be Vocational Day where the children come to school dressed as what they want to be when they grow up. Telling you now so you have time to get your child’s costume together. 

Since it has been too cold /windy for outdoor play we have started going up to the fifth floor gym. We get good exercise climbing the stairs to get there.We are learning to bounce and catch balls .

Our class will participate in the Student Olympics on the Friday of Catholic Schools Week. Our event takes place in the morning with the event beginning at 8:45 AM.  

Hoping everyone is keeping warm and healthy during this winter month.

Thank you for all your interest  and cooperation.