PreK will have a busy week ahead. We have Gym and Technology Class on Monday in addition to our Choice Time Centers and afternoon Math Center. On Tuesday we will celebrate Olivia’s birthday with cupcakes after lunch. We will have some fire safety activities for learning fun. We want to be prepared for the firefighters’ questions when we visit on October 24.We are doing a good job with moving to the beat in Music class and we will continue that on Wednesday.During Math Center on Wednesday we will do some big, bigger, biggest activities that tie in to our Three Bears Unit. When we paint our bowls on Thursday we ‘ll have some oatmeal/porridge in cookie form. We will reinforce the importance of knowing numbers and why we need to know 911.
On Friday we will read our weekly SEEDS magazine and you can reinforce the learning if you talk about it with your student at home.
We will do some Mexican sugar skull art on Friday for Halloween and during Math Center everyone can make their own countdown to Halloween chain to use at home for the remaining days.
The class mother will be in touch regarding our needs for Halloween celebration on the 31st.The children wear costumes to school that day.