I know you will join me in congratulating our class and all our students on the awesome Spring Concert on Friday night. It was a wonderful evening. The class also got a sweet surprise! Ms.Travers  came to visit us and spent the classroom time with us. She was delighted to see how much they have grown and how ready for Kindergarten they are.
We left our caterpillars sleeping in their cocoons on Friday. So,this week we are anticipating seeing them  becoming butterflies.We will release them into the flowerpot yard.
The school May Crowning of Mary will take place on Tuesday. We will have our own classroom May Crowning of our Mary statue.
We are making the most of  continuing our learning and bonding over these last weeks of school.
The children need their AM snack on Friday but DO NOT need lunch unless they are NOT eating  the BBQ food.
Looking forward to a happy week ahead~

Upcoming Events this week :
May 22 -We have a Dental Health event sponsored by Colgate Bright Smiles
May 23 – Walking trip down to Brooklyn Public Library on 73rd and Ridge. We have an hour long visit booked with the  Children’s Room Librarian.
We are celebrating Bennett’s birthday on the 23rd ,too.
May 24 – Walk for Education – We will have lunch in the schoolyard .The walk consists of walking up and down 73rd street as many times as we can. The children will receive a  tee shirt to wear in advance of the day, There will be face painting fun,too. Parents and grandparents are welcome to join us in the school yard.We will use our rest blankets as picnic blankets.

Thank you for all your interest and cooperation all yer long. Your children shine as students because of all your love and care. As we said in the beginning of the school year ,you are your child’s first teacher and we are a partnership.