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Welcome to Fabulous First Grade!

Important Login for Online Resources for Remote Learning:


  1. Zearn.org OR Zearn downloaded on an Android or iPhone. The students KNOW their username and passwords. If there is an issue, let me know.
  2. Epic! Reading app. Available on Android/iPhone/iPad/Tablet. Select “I am a student” and enter the class code: aqr0672
  3. Khan Academy Kids- on app only for Android/iPhone/iPad/Tablet. This is a resource we use online daily. The students login under my username and password but each child has an individual account they can access. 
    username: crychalski@holyangelsbayridge.org
    Password: firstgrade

have the students go to the library at the top left corner, and go all the way to the right to either “reading” or “logic”. The students in “reading” can read some non-fiction stories or go to “logic” to work on phonics skills. Under Logic, there is a drop down menu to the right make sure 1st grade is selected! The students can have complete free range in the logic section. please make sure they are under first grade. I also ask that since you are under the general account, please do not change anything and just leave this as a resource for the children to use. 


Remote Learning Announcements:

  • The hours of remote learning are now 9am-2pm.
  • Attendance will be taken by 10am, you will need to submit the first assignment of the day which will count as your attendance. 
  • There will no longer be homework until further notice.
  • Please remember that classwork must be submitted


Friday March 27th

Good Morning First Grade!!
Happy Friday!! woohoo!!


Math 9:00-9:45am

  • Please complete in your blue math workbook pages 87 and 88
  • Have your green math workbook open to page 257.
  • Please log into Pearson Realize to watch the assigned “Visual Learning” video for Lesson 6-2.
  • Please solve page 257 and then open to page 258 before watching the flipgrid video.
  • Please go onto flipgrid https://flipgrid.com/45c10026 the password is LEARN1234
  • Complete pages 259-260


Science 9:50-10:35

  • Please have your science journals ready! If you ran out of space, you can complete these in your Writer’s Workshop notebooks. Please just make sure at the top you write “Science journal”

Today we will learn about The Moon! Please watch this youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6AviDjR9mmo and answering the following questions.


  • What is one theory of how the moon was formed? (Earth slammed into an early planet)
  • How wide is the moon? (as wide as China)
  • How many stages of the moon can we see from Earth? (8)
  • Here is a fun fact- The USA landed on the moon on Ms. Rychalski’s birthday! July 20th (not the same year though!)


Religion 10:40-11:25

 Please complete pages 180-181. Allow your child to complete the “test” on page 182. I would like for them to try and answer these questions by themselves as best as possible. It is not a test but it’s a great way to assess them and their progress. You can just send me page 182.


Lunch 11:30-12:30


Social Studies: 12:35-1:20pm

Please complete pages 134-135 on Reading Skills with Compare and Contrast.


ELA/ Writer’s Workshop 1:25-2:00pm

Today we are going to write a little bit about your character. Please have the character web that you created the other day. In your writer’s workshop notebook, please write a small story about your character; about 5 sentences. It could be a story about anything! We will use this story on Monday when we learn about dialogue between characters. A dialogue is a conversation.

Have a great weekend first grade! I miss you!


Thursday March 26, 2020

Good Morning First Grade!

Math 9:00-9:45am

Today we will begin our new math Chapter 6! This Chapter is going to help us organize data.

-Before, I would like for first grade to begin practicing counting by 5’s. Since we will be working with Tally marks, this is extremely helpful to know. You can practice counting by 5’s using this YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r176jXYwct8

– Please log onto PearsonRealize.com I will be sending your parents an individual email with your username and passwords. Have your green mathbook open to page 253.
-When you log into Pearson Realize, please watch the “Visual Learning” video that I have assigned for you.
-Then, I would like you to watch the video I have prepared on FlipGrid.
the password for the FlipGrid is: LEARN1234 (all caps!!)
Here is the link for the invite : https://flipgrid.com/1af06a4b
You do NOT need to record a response to the video or create an account. This is simply just to help the students J!!

– Please complete pages 254-256.
I would like for the students to try and complete assignments on their own as much as they can. I understand that they will need help, however hopefully with me showing them they can work independently for the most part!


Social Studies 9:50-10:35am
Please read pages 130-133 and answer the questions on page 133. You only need to send me a picture of page 133.


Religion 10:40-11:25am
Please read pages 178-179 and complete any activities that you are asked to.


Lunch 11:30-12:30pm

Science 12:35-1:20pm
In the packet given, please complete the Solar System sorting chart.


ELA/Phonics 1:25-2:00pm


Please log onto Khan Academy Kids. Click the “Library” in the top left corner. Go to the “reading” icon and scroll down to “vowel sounds”. Please complete all videos for vowels a,e,I,o,u. Then complete SuperKids (skinny) workbook pages 17-19.
pg 17: Read aloud the memory words first. Then read aloud and trace them.

Pg 18: First read all of the vowels in the left hand corner. Then trace the long vowel symbol in the word bank (yellow box). Then read the sentences and trace the memory word in each sentence.

Pg 19:  have your child write the long vowel symbol over each VOWEL in the MEMORY words.

See you tomorrow!


Wednesday March 25th 2020
Good Morning, first grade!!


Math 9:00-9:45am
In your green book, please complete pages 241, 242 and 250. Tomorrow we will begin our new math chapter on data! I hope you have your thinking caps ready!

Any remaining time, please log onto Zearn!


Music 9:50-10:35am 
Please check on Mrs. Cullen’s page for music assignments.

Gym 10:40-11:25am
Please log into Go Noodle or if the weather permits, get some fresh air and do an outdoor activity!

11:30-12:30 LUNCH

Science 12:35-1:20pm
Please have your science journal ready! Today we will learn about planet Uranus!
Please watch this video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4NXbFOiOGk (PLEASE STOP AT 2:45.. it goes into more broad information and I don’t want to overwhelm the children)

And answer the following questions:
– How far is Uranus from the sun? (7th planet from the sun)
– How does it feel on Uranus? (temperature wise) (It is very cold)
– What is different about Uranus from the other planets (It orbits on its side!)
– Did you learn anything interesting about Uranus?

Religion/ELA 1:25-2pm
1. Religion: Please read pages 176-177 and complete the activity on the page. Pay attention to any special vocabulary words!

2. ELA/SUPERKIDS: First review the vowel song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4TjcT7Gto3U

Then in your SuperKids RED book (Backpack pages). Please complete pages 48-49. The students should be able to do this independently!


See you tomorrow! 


Tuesday March 24th 2020


Math 9:00-9:45am
1. Please complete pages 85-86 in your blue book to review what we learned from yesterday.

  1. As a “test” please complete pages 245-246., in your GREEN book Try to let the kids answer these questions as best as they can on their own.
    3. Any time remaining, please complete activities on Zearn!


TECHNOLOGY  9:50-10:35
During this period in school, the students have technology with Ms. Jackie. Please allow them 45 minutes on either abcYA.com or other educational websites they may use.

Religion/Social Studies 10:40-11:25
Religion- read pages 174-175. Ask your child these follow up questions:
– What do we do when we worship God?
– Why is our parish church a holy place?

Social Studies- read pages 126-129. Please complete questions and activities on each page.


Lunch 11:30-12:30


Reading 12:35-1:20p
Please read “Good Ideas” in the packet and answer only the short answer questions #1-5 and #1-5 in the matching column questions.
Epic! Reader App for 20 minutes (We should be reading every night!!)

ELA/Phonics 1:25- 2pm
In the packet provided, please complete the Noun sorting sheet.


Monday March 23, 2020


ART 8:00-8:55am

On Monday’s, first grade has ART 1st period. Please go to the Art page to see what Ms. Cullen has assigned for the students!


Science 9:00-9:45am
The planet that we will explore today is, Jupiter! Please watch the following video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PtkqwslbLY8 and answer the following questions
1. How far is Jupiter from the sun? (the 5th planet)
2. What is the name of the storm on Jupiter that has been around for over 300 years? (The Great Red Spot)

3.How many moons does Jupiter have? (79 moons)
4. How does Jupiter help Earth? (It blocks meteors that could hit earth)

Reading/Scholastic News  9:50-10:35
Usually in class we like to read our weekly Scholastic Magazines. Today please log on to Scholastic

The password is: rychalski22 (all lowercase)
Read the FIRST magazine under Explore about Mo Willems!
After complete the short videos and game under “extend the lesson” these are interesting videos!


Phonics 10:40-11:25

Superkids- Lesson 190
Today we will be relearning about long and short vowel sounds! This is a good refresher for us and because we are so smart, we should get through these pages quickly!
First please watch this youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4TjcT7Gto3U

Remember! A LONG vowel says its name. a SHORT vowel says the letter SOUND. Please have your child have their skinny superkids books ready. We will complete pg 14-16
Pg 14: Write the missing vowel and vowel- symbol over each letter. (these are short vowels. A lowercase u symbol is used as the short vowel sound).
Pg 15: trace the long vowel symbol and circle pictures that have the same long vowel sound as the picture

Pg 16: circle the picture that matches either the same long or short vowel sound.


11:30-12:15 LUNCH!
Enjoy! 🙂 

Religion 12:20- 1:05
We will begin a new chapter today! This Chapter talks about how our parish. A parish is like a family but in the church.
Read pages 171-173. Complete the bottom of page 173. After, ask these questions to your child to follow up.
– What is a parish?
– What do we do with our parish?


Math 1:10-1:55
Please complete both sides of the Lesson 5.6 review/reteaching worksheet in your math packet
Please open your green mathbooks to page 237. Today you are going to use all those smart math skills that we have learned and apply them to word problems! You can do it!

With an adult, please work on pages 237-238. Try to complete pages 239 on your own. You do not need to complete 240.

Math/D.E.A.R Period 2:00-2:45pm
Please spend 20 minutes on Zearn.org
Please spend 20 minutes on Epic! Reader


Friday March 20th

Happy Friday, First grade!


Religion 8:00-8:55am
Read pages 150-151 and complete the “test” on page 154. You only need to send me a picture of the “test”. Try to have your child answer the questions as best as they can.


Math 9:00-9:45am
Please log onto Zearn.org and have your child spend 30 minutes on Zearn. I did not want to start the last lesson in Math since no homework. I am tracking the student’s progress on Zearn!


Science 9:50-10:35

Have your science journals ready, today we will learn about Neptune!
Watch this youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NStn7zZKXfE

Please remember to draw a colorful picture of Neptune when you are done writing! And answer the following questions about Neptune:
1. How far is Neptune from the Sun? (8th planet from the sun)
2. What does Neptune’s largest moon have? (Ice volcanoes)
3. Write an interesting fact that you learned about Neptune


ELA 10:40-11:25
 Using the character web that was provided in the packet with the other materials, have your child create a character web for a character that they would like to create. Last week in school, we created character webs for ourselves and Ms. Rychalski. Here is what your character web should look like:
Students will create their OWN character!
Top 2 circles: eye color and hair color
Middle 3 circles: age, name (circle with line), and last one should be 2 things they like to do.
Bottom 2 circles: 3 personality traits and 3 favorite food.
These do not have to be complete sentences!

Lunch 11:30-12:15

Reading 12:20-1:05
Please read “The Early Bird Catches the Worm (Maybe)” by S.V. Richard and answer the comprehension questions located on the back.

Writer’s Workshop 1:10-1:55

Today we will write about “A helpful person I have met”. The word “helpful” means when someone does something that helps you very much. For example, your mom and dad are helpful because they taught you to tie your shoes, make your own lunch or practice reading with you so you become a superstar reader. In your writer’s workshop notebook, please answer the following questions.
1. Who is a helpful person you have met?
2. Why are they helpful/ How have they helped you?
3.Write something nice about this person.

D.E.A.R Period 2:00-2:45
Please log onto Epic! Reader (using the instructions above) and read for 20 minutes.

Enjoy the rest of your afternoon! 

First Grade,
I am truly so proud of the work you have done this week. I hope we will see each other soon!  Until then, we will talk on Monday.
Ms. Rychalski


Thursday March 19, 2020


Good Morning First Grade!
“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go!” -Dr. Seuss


Religion: 8-8:55am
Read pages 148-149. Answer the question on the bottom of page 149.
After reading answer the questions:
– Who leads and cares for the whole Church?
– What are some ways that the pope leads and cares for the church?


Science: 9-9:45am

We will continue our study of planets! Today we will learn about planet Mars!
watch this Youtube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D8pnmwOXhoY

And record the following questions in your Science Journal: (you do not have to rewrite the question :)!  )

1. How far is Mars from the sun? (4th planet from the sun)

  1. Do scientist believe that there was once life on Mars? Why? (Yes, because there is signs of water and water means it can have life)
  2. What is one cool and interesting fact you learned about Mars?


Math 9:50-10:35am

First, as a warm-up/refresher have the students complete Lesson 5-5 in their math packet (both sides).

Then in the green math workbook pg 233. Before completing watch this youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=osIFa9zcI-w

Follow up with pages 233-234 as guided practice. Have the students work independently on page 235-236. Let them use manipulatives or the counters that I sent home. Visuals are key!!


BRAIN BREAK! 10:40-11:25
Do 25 minutes of Go Noodle, movement, or Yoga!
Please do another 20 minutes of Zearn.org! (I am tracking progress 🙂 )


LUNCH! 11:30-12:15

Social Studies 12:20-1:05
Today we will begin Chapter 4 which talks about Culture. Talk with your family about your culture!
Open to pg 120-121 and find three examples of the vocabulary words. Read each vocabulary word with an adult.
Read pages 122-125 and answer questions 1-5 NOT number 2!


Writer’s Workshop 1:10-1:55pm


Today’s topic: “My favorite pet”
Do you have a pet?
What kind of pet is it? / If you DON’T have a pet, if you were able to have one what kind of pet would it be?

What is your pets name? / What would be your pets name?
What is your favorite thing to do with your pet? / What would be your favorite thing to do with your pet?

ELA/Phonics 2:00-2:45pm

Using your skinny SuperKids book complete pages 11-13 (this is a continuation of the follow up from the story “yuck! Yuck!”

Watch this YouTube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nNGiDfCX7PI stop at 1:26

Afterwards in your green notebook, write 4 sentences using the conjunction (and/or).


Wednesday March 18th 

Good Morning, first grade!

“Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the things you can think up if only you try!” – Dr. Seuss


If you are having the students follow their routine, please have them copy the homework. You can access that by scrolling below.


Religion: 8am-8:55am
Read pages 146-147. On the bottom of page 147, it asks the children to research who their bishop is. Allow them to use google/Wikipedia. After ask them these follow up questions.
– Who did the Apostles choose to lead and care for the Church?
– What does a bishop do?
We usually go to church on Wednesday’s from 8:30-9am. Use this time to either livestream a mass or perhaps say a prayer as a family asking God to get us through this tough time. Especially a prayer to St. Michael to keep us protected. The kids know we pray to St. Michael daily!


Math: 9am-9:45am
–  As a review, please have the students turn to their math packet and complete the “Daily Review” side AND “Re-Teach” side for Lesson 5-4. This will be a great way for them to refresh their memory.

– Today we will be learning to add our 3 numbers again by FIRST finding a doubles fact or making 10. Watch this youtube video to begin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EA-khC5_zPA


-Next complete the problem with your child on page 229 in our green math workbook.
– Work together on page 230 for guided practice. Followed by having your child complete the independent practice pages on pg 231-232.


Music: 9:50-10:35
This period is where the students would have music. Check out Ms. Cullen’s page on the school website. Some other ideas: the continent song (see picture) or perhaps youtube children’s classical music and have them draw/color/complete a puzzle.


Gym: 10:40-11:25
This period is where students have gym with Mr. TC. This period can be spent on Go Noodle or going outside for some fresh air, taking a walk, playing outside, etc.

Lunch 11:30-12:15

ELA/Phonics: 12:20-1:05pm (This activity MAY take 2 periods as I usually allow 2 days because we work on this in stations. If this takes longer- that is OK!)
– Today we will be reading the story in our SuperKids Reader (textbook) called “Yuck! Yuck!” on pg 63. When you look at the title of this book? What do you think this story will be about?
– Review the ing and ed words before reading the story.
– After reading the story, complete the comprehension pages 9-10 in the skinny student workbook.

Writer’s Workshop 1:10-1:55pm
To be done in writer’s workshop notebooks!
Today we will write about a “cozy spot” at home. The word cozy means somewhere that is comfortable that you feel safe and warm. For example, Ms. Rychalski’s cozy spot is her couch with her UGG blanket! When I am feeling upset or stressed, I relax on my couch with my blanket and a favorite book. Ms. Rychalski loves to read!
– What/Where is your cozy spot at home?
– What makes it cozy for you?
– Do you stay in this cozy spot by yourself or with family?
– Is there anything special about this spot?

D.E.A. R Period (Drop Everything and READ!): 2:00-2:45pm
Please download the Epic! Reading app and sign in. The class code is posted on the website.
Allow your child to select a few books and please read for 20 minutes. The remainder of the period, they can work on something of their choice.

See you tomorrow!


Tuesday March 17th 

Happy St. Patrick’s Day First Grade! I sure am lucky to teach you!
If you would like for your child to “copy down” their homework as our normal daily morning routine, scroll down to the homework section. 


Scheduled times are flexible, try to stay within the same hourly time frame.


  1. Math: 8:00-8:55am
    8:00-8:25am- Zearn.org (students know their username and password. Please contact me on Class Dojo or through email if your child is having trouble logging in)
    I have also supplied a St. Patricks Day color by number for the students to complete. They enjoy these and it’s a nice transitioning activity but also a great brain break!
    8:25-8:55am- Math green workbook pg 225
    In this lesson, students will learn how to add 3 numbers together. Put emphasis on that students will need to find which 2 numbers add to 10 OR find 2 numbers to make a doubles fact solve before solving the remainder of the equation.
    Have them watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=81NfQ350vw8
    Have students complete the guided practice questions with adult help on pg 226.
    Have students work independently on pg 227 for questions 3-8. Number 9 may be tricky and can be extra help using counters.
    Assign pg 228 for additional work.

  2. 2. Science:

For this assignment, students will need their Science journals. For this week, we will be exploring space! The students have been so excited and are looking forward to this portion of our unit!
Go onto Youtube.com and/or paste this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HCDVN7DCzYE

Have the students title the entry “Earth”. Watch the video and answer these three questions in full, complete, sentences. I do not put too much pressure on the proper spelling of words. I encourage the students to sound out words which encourages their writing.
-What planet did we study today? (Today we learned about planet….)
-How far is Earth from the sun (Earth is the third planet from the sun)
-Why makes Earth so special? (It is the only planet able to sustain life)
If you child would like to add additional facts about Earth that they caught in the video that is great! Please remind and reinforce proper sentence formation, punctuation.


*if a brain break is needed for some movement, go to GoNoodle.com – the students love this site for movement! *

3. Religion: 9:50-10:35 (will probably be finished before this time as we only do a page a day!)

Religion books to Chapter 12 Day 1 pg 144-145
Follow up questions:
-Who did Jesus choose to be the leader of the Apostles?
– How did the Apostles show their love for Jesus?

4. Writing: Writer’s Workshop 10:40-11:25
Have the students open up their writer’s workshop journals and place the date on top.
Today we will write about:
What is your favorite food?
Why is it your favorite food?
If you had to pick one food to eat forever, what would it be?
Why would you pick this food?
Students should be writing in full, complete sentences and we are trying to limit our repetition of answers.   


  1. 11:30-12:15- LUNCH
    Use this time to get some fresh air, some movement and some creativity!


6. 12:20-1:05 ELA/Phonics-
Have the students open up their SuperKids Reader (text book) to page 56 and read the story “The Monster Under the bus” Before the story review the ing and ed endings with students on the first page. After the students can complete the comprehension questions on page 6 in their Superkids classwork book (very thin books- they know which ones). If your child has page 6 complete, please still read the story.

Afterwards, the students can complete the St. Patrick’s Day word hunt.

7. 1:10-1:55 Creativity Period:
Use this period to have your child play a board game, complete a puzzle, drawing, painting, playing with clay. I know this is going to be a huge transition for these kids as it is for me. I want them to still enjoy learning as we become used to this-together.


  1. 2:00-2:45 D.E.A.R/Phonics Online- Epic! Readers & Khan Academy Kids App
    Allow your child to have 45 minutes on either Epic! App or Khan Academy kids app. Epic! Is an app that allows students access to books for reading. Khan Academy Kids has tabs for phonics.
    Login for Khan Academy Kids: crychalski@holyangelsbayridge.org
    Password: firstgrade

WEEK OF 3/17

Weekly Homework

Spelling Words:
1. one
2. from
3. all
4. most
5. what
6. come
7. my
8. I




Spelling Words 3x each in green notebook. Rhyming (SPELLING PRACTICE) worksheet.
Math- blue book page 79 and 80


Spelling words 1-5 in a sentence in green notebook. Word hunt worksheet.

Math- blue book page 81 and 82


Spelling Words 6-10 in a sentence in green notebook. Fill in the blank sentence worksheet.
Math- blue book pg 83 and 84

if you have already completed the above homework because of my error from Monday you can complete the following.

Spelling words 1-10 in alphabetical order in green notebook. Sentence unscramble worksheet.
Math- Complete sheet #5 in the Addition/Subtraction Fact Family worksheet


No Homework! Enjoy the weekend!





What does a plant REALLY need to grow? / Parts of a plant:

To close out Chapter 2 in Science which taught us many things about plants and animals, first grade got to do one of Ms. Rychalski’s favorite lessons to teach today! First grade received 3 Casablanca Lilies and were allowed to explore the stems, leaves and buds. We then placed the lilies in 3 different locations in the classroom. One by the window WITH water, one by the window WITHOUT water and one in the closet WITHOUT sunlight but with water. We then received “plant journals” where we will record our findings daily for this week. Lastly, we got to see what would happen when we placed white carnations in food coloring. This is called the capillary principle. Stay tuned for what will happen at the end of the week.

Making TEN!
First Grade had extra fun on Friday in our Math Stations. Since we have been learning to make 10 using a ten frame and a number line, Ms. Rychalski found some fun board games and memory games to help us with our skills of making ten. We will continue to use these stations to help us with our newest math chapter. How many different ways can we make 10?

Catholic School’s Week:
First Grade sure has been busy this week! On Monday, we made survival kits for the FDNY. Thank you to all the parents who donated candy/brown paper bags. On Tuesday, we had the Olympics! Wednesday we watched the 8th grade present their presidents. Thursday was career day- we presented to 2nd grade and also got to pet friendly TSA dogs.

Brooklyn Children’s Museum:

Today we took a trip to the Brooklyn Children’s museum! We had such a great time exploring all the exhibits. We even had a chance to work with Mariel in the “Beautiful Us!” class. We made necklaces or bracelets out of different pieces of cloth. 

Decorating our Tree:
First Graders got together to decorate our class tree!


It’s Saint Nick!
First Grade and all of Holy Angels received a special treat today, Saint Nicholas came to visit us! We left a shoe outside our door and then bells were heard. We got left a sweet treat for being so good this year!


The Mayflower:
In Religion, we have been discussing the true meaning of Thanksgiving and all we have to be thankful for. As an interactive Religion/Social Studies unit, the students created their OWN versions of the Mayflower. We have some pretty patriotic boats! During this activity, we asked ourselves questions of how we think the pilgrims felt coming to a new land with new people. We also discussed how they put their faith in God. 

Social Studies: Wants and Needs in a Community
In our second chapter of Social Studies, we have created a community based upon what a community needs to survive. We also discussed the difference between wants and needs. This has been a class project and the students have made sketches and also drafted up lists of what each team community will have. We will present our final projects to Mr. Berry in the classroom!

Double Trouble! :
In math, we have been working on doubles and doubles +1 facts. To help us identify which is a doubles fact and a doubles +1 fact we used our bodies today. Especially our hands and feet! We even learned a catchy song to help us remember doubles. 

Pumpkin Investigation

All last week, first grade investigated pumpkins. We explored the outside and inside of pumpkins, made estimations on how many seeds are inside of pumpkins, counted the lines on pumpkins and finally got to explore the inside of a pumpkin! We each got a turn digging inside and feeling around; even using our five senses to help us explore! Hmm… feels like… zombie brains! 

Halloween Fun! 
First grade had a blast spending our spooktacular day doing some mummy math, batty subtraction, and finding out the secret code for witches brew! We ended the day with some well deserved treats and a Halloween movie!

Class Trip to Green Meadows Farm @ Aviator Sports 10/30/19

We sure did have a blast on our first field trip as first graders! We saw animals, picked pumpkins, drove a tractor and even caught some well needed zzz’s on the way home!

Leaf Investigation:
This week our Science unit was all about leaves! We went on a leaf hunt, measured leaves, explored different leaf textures and more! 

Apple Investigation: Sink or Float? / Apple Tasting

To conclude our apple investigation this week for Science, we made predictions to see if apples would sink or float. After, we taste tested 4 different types of apples!

Apple Investigation:
Today we investigated the inside of an apple including the core, stem, flesh and skin. Then we cut and labeled the parts of an apple. After, we had a yummy treat.. apples!

Writer’s Workshop:

Today I introduced your children to our Writer’s Workshop. This will become a daily part of our routine to get us more into writing. We discussed dating our work, forming proper sentences, finger spacing our words and writing between the two blue  lines for neatly written work. Below are some picture’s from today’s introduction. 

Box Out Bullying Seminar last Wednesday 9/25

A Glimpse Into Stations:

Technology 1st Grade – Autobiography

Posted on November 1, 2019

Dear Parents,

Please teach your child their month, date and year he/she was born or have it written on paper that they will bring to their technology class. We will begin an autobiography project on the computer. When we get further into the project, I will be asking for additional information about your child, for example when their first tooth came in, etc. and pictures of your child from birth to this year.

Thank you,

Ms. Jackie Cassa  

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