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Welcome to Fabulous First Grade!


Upcoming Tests:

February 25th- Chapter 9 Religion Test (study pg 108-118)

February 27th- Chapter 2 Science Test (study pgs 59-85) This test will mostly be on the vocabulary and any paragraphs that are highlighted. There are vocabulary cards you can use on page 89 and a review quiz on page 94. 

February 28th- Spelling Test

TBD March- Social Studies Chapter 3 Test. The last two lessons were about bodies of water and continents and I would like to continue reviewing with the students.


Important Announcements: 

February 25thPancake/Pajama Day

March 5th- Lunch Date with St. Anslem’s School. Please return permission slip

April 8th- Trip to Prospect Park Zoo! This trip is FREE due to the cancellation of the other trip to Pip’s Island. Please just return the permission slip signed. 


Weekly Homework

Week of February 10th-February 14th

Homework for February Break:
Have the students complete the Religion review test on page 118 and the Science review test on page 94. Students should continue reading every night with their R.E.D folder! Students can also continue to practice math skills on Zearn.org which can be accessed from a computer or iPad/Tablet. The students know their username and password! 




What does a plant REALLY need to grow? / Parts of a plant:

To close out Chapter 2 in Science which taught us many things about plants and animals, first grade got to do one of Ms. Rychalski’s favorite lessons to teach today! First grade received 3 Casablanca Lilies and were allowed to explore the stems, leaves and buds. We then placed the lilies in 3 different locations in the classroom. One by the window WITH water, one by the window WITHOUT water and one in the closet WITHOUT sunlight but with water. We then received “plant journals” where we will record our findings daily for this week. Lastly, we got to see what would happen when we placed white carnations in food coloring. This is called the capillary principle. Stay tuned for what will happen at the end of the week.

Making TEN!
First Grade had extra fun on Friday in our Math Stations. Since we have been learning to make 10 using a ten frame and a number line, Ms. Rychalski found some fun board games and memory games to help us with our skills of making ten. We will continue to use these stations to help us with our newest math chapter. How many different ways can we make 10?

Catholic School’s Week:
First Grade sure has been busy this week! On Monday, we made survival kits for the FDNY. Thank you to all the parents who donated candy/brown paper bags. On Tuesday, we had the Olympics! Wednesday we watched the 8th grade present their presidents. Thursday was career day- we presented to 2nd grade and also got to pet friendly TSA dogs.

Brooklyn Children’s Museum:

Today we took a trip to the Brooklyn Children’s museum! We had such a great time exploring all the exhibits. We even had a chance to work with Mariel in the “Beautiful Us!” class. We made necklaces or bracelets out of different pieces of cloth. 

Decorating our Tree:
First Graders got together to decorate our class tree!


It’s Saint Nick!
First Grade and all of Holy Angels received a special treat today, Saint Nicholas came to visit us! We left a shoe outside our door and then bells were heard. We got left a sweet treat for being so good this year!


The Mayflower:
In Religion, we have been discussing the true meaning of Thanksgiving and all we have to be thankful for. As an interactive Religion/Social Studies unit, the students created their OWN versions of the Mayflower. We have some pretty patriotic boats! During this activity, we asked ourselves questions of how we think the pilgrims felt coming to a new land with new people. We also discussed how they put their faith in God. 

Social Studies: Wants and Needs in a Community
In our second chapter of Social Studies, we have created a community based upon what a community needs to survive. We also discussed the difference between wants and needs. This has been a class project and the students have made sketches and also drafted up lists of what each team community will have. We will present our final projects to Mr. Berry in the classroom!

Double Trouble! :
In math, we have been working on doubles and doubles +1 facts. To help us identify which is a doubles fact and a doubles +1 fact we used our bodies today. Especially our hands and feet! We even learned a catchy song to help us remember doubles. 

Pumpkin Investigation

All last week, first grade investigated pumpkins. We explored the outside and inside of pumpkins, made estimations on how many seeds are inside of pumpkins, counted the lines on pumpkins and finally got to explore the inside of a pumpkin! We each got a turn digging inside and feeling around; even using our five senses to help us explore! Hmm… feels like… zombie brains! 

Halloween Fun! 
First grade had a blast spending our spooktacular day doing some mummy math, batty subtraction, and finding out the secret code for witches brew! We ended the day with some well deserved treats and a Halloween movie!

Class Trip to Green Meadows Farm @ Aviator Sports 10/30/19

We sure did have a blast on our first field trip as first graders! We saw animals, picked pumpkins, drove a tractor and even caught some well needed zzz’s on the way home!

Leaf Investigation:
This week our Science unit was all about leaves! We went on a leaf hunt, measured leaves, explored different leaf textures and more! 

Apple Investigation: Sink or Float? / Apple Tasting

To conclude our apple investigation this week for Science, we made predictions to see if apples would sink or float. After, we taste tested 4 different types of apples!

Apple Investigation:
Today we investigated the inside of an apple including the core, stem, flesh and skin. Then we cut and labeled the parts of an apple. After, we had a yummy treat.. apples!

Writer’s Workshop:

Today I introduced your children to our Writer’s Workshop. This will become a daily part of our routine to get us more into writing. We discussed dating our work, forming proper sentences, finger spacing our words and writing between the two blue  lines for neatly written work. Below are some picture’s from today’s introduction. 

Box Out Bullying Seminar last Wednesday 9/25

A Glimpse Into Stations:

Technology 1st Grade – Autobiography

Posted on November 1, 2019

Dear Parents,

Please teach your child their month, date and year he/she was born or have it written on paper that they will bring to their technology class. We will begin an autobiography project on the computer. When we get further into the project, I will be asking for additional information about your child, for example when their first tooth came in, etc. and pictures of your child from birth to this year.

Thank you,

Ms. Jackie Cassa  

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