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Please make sure that you log on to my Google Classroom every day to stay current on your assignments!  There is a LOT of fun stuff for us to do!  Make sure that you answer the question of the day EVERY DAY to log your attendance.

Stay well, stay healthy and I miss you all!

Mrs. Rader




Here is the code for my Fourth Grade Science Class;




Hello, Families!

Stay tuned to Google classroom for lessons starting on Tuesday, March 17th.  

Stay well and enjoy the time with your families!

Mrs. Rader



Spelling; ABC order cut and paste 
Math; differentiated digits by 1 digit multiplication


Please charge chromebooks at home everyday.

Spelling;  Fix the Misspelled word

Math; differentiated digits by 1 digit multiplication



Our Field Trip today has been canceled.

Vocabulary;  Write vocabulary words 3X each

Math; differentiated digits by 1 digit multiplication

Math test 3 digit by 1 digit tomorrow




Vocabulary;  Write one sentence for each vocabulary word

Math; differentiated digits by 1 digit multiplication

Spelling and vocabulary tests tomorrow



Here are our vocabulary and spelling words.  Both tests will be next Friday, 3/13.

Thank you for the donations, we now have a full class set of scissors!!!








Thank you to those who have donated scissors to our classroom.  We still need at least 2 pairs of scissors, please consider donating to our classroom.

Spelling; Write new words 3X each
Math; 3 digit by 1 digit multiplication


Spelling;  ABC order sheet

Math;  3 digit by 1 digit multiplication



Spelling;  Spelling Scramble

Math;  3 digit by 1 digit multiplication




We will continue to work on the same vocabulary and spelling words next week.  The tests will be on March 13th (next Friday.) 

No Homework as tomorrow is a professional day for teachers.







Big thank you to Ms. Corhan and Mrs. Darvil for volunteering to chaperone our first field trip to St. Anselm’s on March 12th!





We need at least 10 pairs of scissors, please consider donating to our classroom.

Charting our bones from our Owl Pellets
Fourth Grade










Thank you all for the lovely Valentines! Every single one made me smile!

Spelling; Write new words 3X each
Math; 2 digit by 1 digit multiplication
Pancakes and Pajama Day tomorrow


Spelling;  ABC order sheet

Math;  2 digit by 1 digit multiplication

We need at least 10 pairs of scissors for our classroom.  Please consider donating a pair!


Spelling;  Cut and paste ABC order

Math;  2 digit by 1 digit multiplication

Math test tomorrow


Spelling;  Unscramble the word

Math;  2 digit by 1 digit multiplication

Vocabulary and spelling tests tomorrow



Fourth grade dissected Owl Pellets yesterday to learn about habitats and food webs












Please return all permission slips for our field trip to St. Anselm’s by tomorrow!




Spelling; Write spelling words 3X each

Math; Multiplication mix

Grade 4 Science;  Silent, Nighttime Hunters vocabulary activity


Spelling;  ABC order

Math; Multiplication mix


Spelling; Spelling Scramble

Math;  Multiplication mix

Math multiplication test 0-9 tables tomorrow


Spelling;  ABC order cut and paste  (if you do not have scissors or glue, write the word in the box)

Math;  Multiplication mix

Spelling and Vocabulary tests tomorrow


Valentine’s Day; Wear Red






Grade 4 Science Homework

Collect 10 facts about the Barn Owl

*5 from our Owl Pellet Investigation booklet and 5 from the internet 











Homework 2/6/20

Math; skip counting multiplication 6-10

Language arts;  Summary review sheet SUMMARIZE page 87

Splashmath letters went home yesterday.  Please let me know if you did not get an e-mail, or if your e-mail has changed since the beginning of the year.

*Spelling and Vocabulary Quizzes tomorrow


Please make sure that your child has a pair of scissors.  If they do not have them, please get one for them and have them bring it to school.







Homework 2/5/20

Math; 9 multiplication table 50 examples

Vocabulary;  Write a sentence for each vocabulary word.  Vocabulary words posted last week.

Splashmath letters went home today.  Please let me know if you did not get an e-mail as well, or if your e-mail has changed since the beginning of the year.


*Math Quiz Tomorrow

*Spelling and Vocabulary Quizzes on Friday



Homework 2/4/20

Math; 9 multiplication table 50 examples

Spelling;  ABC order cut and paste.  If you do not have scissors or glue at home, write the word in the correct box.

$2 ugly sweater day tomorrow

*Math Quiz Thursday

*Spelling and Vocabulary Quizzes on Friday







Math; Multiplication: 0-9 (39 examples)
Spelling; Choose 10 words and write sentences for them in your spelling notebook. Sentences must be complete sentences.

Thanks to all of you for the lovely plant! It sure did make Teacher Appreciation Friday awesome!



No Homework
Thank you to Mr. Kwiecien and his partners for their U.S. Customs and Border Protection Canines presentation to our school yesterday!
Thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Valte for their nursing presentation!

Spelling; Fix The Misspelled Words
Math; 9 multiplication table 25 examples
*No quizzes or tests scheduled for tomorrow
Next week we will have a math quiz on Tuesday 2/4 and test on Thursday 2/6
Spelling and vocabulary quizzes will be on Friday, 2/7

Spelling ABC order
9 multiplication table 50 examples
Tomorrow is career day, students may come to school dressed in the outfit that represents their future vocation.
All homework assignments are now written in homework notebook.

This is a picture of our summary starter. This is the guide for our summary writing that we did in class today.

Spelling words scramble
9 multiplication 25 examples

*Homework was written in homework notebooks today
*Please charge chromebooks every night and put them in your child’s backpack before school. If the chromebook cannot be charged at home, send in a charger to school with the chromebook.

Spelling words 3X each in spelling notebook
9 multiplication sheet
*Homework was written in homework notebooks today


Thank you to all the parents that donated pencils to our classroom!

We still need donations for our
Firefighter survival kits
3 bags each please

Guiseppe brought; Life Savers- to remind you of the many times you’ve been one
James K.brought; Starburst- for that burst of energy you’ll need.
Payday- because you’re not doing it for the money.
Sean brought; Gum- to help your unit stick together.
James B.brought; Tootsie Roll- to help you roll with the punches
Peppermint Patties- to help you keep your cool.
Snickers- to remind you to keep your sense of humor.
Hershey Kisses- because you deserve them from all.
So, we still need paydays, peppermint patties, snickers and hershey kisses

The new vocabulary, 9 multiplication table and spelling words given on Monday will be our words for the next two weeks. So, on Monday, our VOCABULARY, 9 MULTIPLICATION table and SPELLING words will not be tested until FEBRUARY 7th. This is due to our celebrations for Catholic School Week next week.
No homework today











Above are our vocabulary words which we will have a quiz on tomorrow.  Starting Monday, all homework will be written down in our homework notebooks as well as being posted to the website.

Homework for 1/23
Spelling; ABC order
Math; 8X multiplication table. All examples are to be completed.
Friday: Math test (8 times table.) Vocabulary and spelling tests.

Homework for 1/22
Spelling; Fix The Misspelled Word

Math; 8X multiplication table. All examples are to be completed on the sheet.

Friday: Multiplication table 8 quiz, Spelling test, and Vocabulary test

caption id=”attachment_3827″ align=”alignright” width=”225″] A Room With A View[/caption]



Spelling; Write new words 3X each in spelling notebook

Math; Mulitplication sheet for 8.  Circle all examples for 8, complete, then finish all remaining examples







There will be a math quiz on Wednesdays, and math, spelling, and vocabulary tests every Friday.  In the event that we do not have school on a Friday, math, spelling and vocabulary tests will be on Thursday.   Math “Wednesday” quizzes will be canceled.






We finally got around to celebrating Birthdays today!




Fix The Misspelled Word spelling sheet

Basic Multiplication 7’s Sheet 

*Please charge chromebooks every night

*No math quiz yesterday due to scheduling conflict.  7’s multiplication quiz will be on Thursday.






Spelling Homework:  ABC order sheet

Math Homework:  7’s multiplication

*Please remember to charge chromebooks and bring them back to school each day

Ask your child what they are reading for their reading group.



Please charge Chromebooks every night as we use them during the day.

We are in need of a box of pencils, regular with erasers.  Please donate to our classrooms.





6 times table review from classwork

Choose 10 spelling words and write sentences for them in spelling notebook

*Since I was absent yesterday due to car trouble, no quiz was given.  Therefore, the 6 times table quiz will be given Friday.  There will be no 6 times table test on Friday.  ONLY THE QUIZ WILL BE ADMINISTERED IN MATH.

*Spelling and vocabulary tests will be administered as previously posted.







*6 multiplication table quiz on Wednesday and test on Friday!

*Spelling and vocabulary tests on Friday!


Fix the misspelled words

Multiplication with arrays





*6 multiplication table quiz on Wednesday and test on Friday!

*Spelling and vocabulary tests on Friday!


Write spelling words 3X each

Complete math array page*

See attachment for example of an array



Parent gifts went home today.  Merry Christmas from your child and Mrs. Rader!

No homework for the rest of the year!!!

Please read for (a suggested) twenty minutes a day over break.  


December 16-20


PJ day tomorrow!  Don’t forget your donation!!

Language arts; spelling, scramble sheet

Math; multiplication sheet,

Tuesday; picture math, repeated addition


November 26, 2019

1. Completing the Sentence

vocabulary page 32

2. Half Day Tomorrow

12:30 dismissal, gym uniforms



November 25, 2019

1. Free Orange dress down day tomorrow

2. All grades lunch tomorrow

3. Vocabulary

Match the Meaning page 30

November 13, 2019

1. Reminder: tomorrow is red, white and blue dress down day for $1.00

2. The students will take a test on, “The One and Only Ivan.” They do not need to study. It is based on class reading, discussions, writing assignments, and projects. 


November 12,2019

1. Math- finish page 30 and review page 41 (vocabulary : product and factor) 


November 7,2019

1. Science – test Wednesday (only lesson 1 and 2) 

2. Math-test Tuesday (addition regrouping)

3. We finished, “The One and Only Ivan.” The children can’t study for the test. It is all of the reading, discussions, activities, and essays that we did in class. 

4. Please send in forms to our class parents as soon as you can. 


 November 6,2019

1. Today in Science, we learned about “retract” and “reflect.” For homework, complete pages 62 and 63 in your science book. 
2. Review multiplication 0-6

3. Grammar test tomorrow 

4. Reminder: Spanish – extra vocabulary 2 times each 


November 5, 2019

1. Math- review page 27 (we did it in class)

2. Math- page 28

3. Science- On Wednesday  we will have a test on Chapter 2, but only lessons 1 and 2.  (Pages 46-57)

4. Math – Tuesday (test on regrouping addition ) 


November 4,2019

1. Math page 24 and Math page 26 ( even numbers)

2. Grammar test – Thursday (Run on, complex and compound sentences)

3. Grammar – page 47

Sunday Night Reminders November 3,2019

1. Tomorrow- Religion Test 

2. Thursday- Grammar test (Run on sentences, complex sentences, compound sentences and subordinating conjunctions) 

3. Keep practicing multiplication facts 


October 30, 2019

1. Math- review 0-5 multiplication 

2. Grammar- We just completed  compound sentences, complex sentences, and run on sentences. We will have a grammar test on Wednesday. Please study from the grammar book. 

3. Religion- Chapter 2 test will be on Monday

4. Reminder: Religion Saint project is due tomorrow. 


October 29, 2019

1. Math finish page 20 and page 25. All work for page 25 should be shown in your notebook. 
2. Grammar page 37 B 

3.  Vocabulary test tomorrow 

4th grade science – 132 and 133 

October 28, 2019

1. Finish page 19 in your Math book.

2. Quiz on 0-5 multiplication tomorrow 

3. Saint project due on Thursday 

4. Vocabulary test -Wednesday 

5. The Religion test will be moved to Monday, because Thursday is Halloween. 😀

October 25,2019

1. Math – multiplication 0-5 quiz on Tuesday 

2. Religion- Chapter 2 test on Friday 11/1

3. We are on page 200 of, “The One and Only Ivan” and will be done around November 7th. They will have a final test and project that will be coming up. The next book that we will read is, “WishTree” by Katherine Applegate. I would ask that the book be in school by the 7th!  The children are learning so much from our novel study! 


October 24, 2019

4th grade Science- Tomorrow we will begin our STEM Bridge Challenge. Make sure you know the type of bridge you are building and have the supplies that your group discussed! Winners will be announced tomorrow afternoon!


1. vocabulary test pages 8 and 9 test Wednesday 

2. on loose leaf answer the following question:

” Based on what we have read so far in, “The One and Only Ivan,” do you believe Stella is a main or minor character? Be sure to use 2 supporting details and show evidence through your writing! Happy Writing!



October 23, 2019

1. The children were given their All Saints Day Project yesterday. Here are the instructions:

a)Print out or draw a Saint of your choice and place it on the front of a plain white t shirt. You may decorate it if you choose.
b) On the back of the t shirt write NEATLY with marker 3 important facts about that saint.


The children will wear this on Friday to mass and it will be counted as a project grade. It is due on October 31, 2019.  

2) Math page 16

October 22, 2019

1. Spelling- put spelling words 1-10 in a sentence Test Friday!

2. Math- complete the rest of page 15 and be sure to estimate




October 21, 2019

1. Spelling- Write spelling words 1-20 three times each. Test Friday!
2. Have all of your tests signed and return by tomorrow. 

October 16,2019

4th Grade Science – The second test will be on Monday, October 22, 2019. They made an outline in their notebooks, and should follow it to study. 

1. Study and review for Grammar and Math test tomorrow.

2. Resharpen pencils for the TerraNova test. 


Tuesday, October 15, 2019

1. Math page 14

2. Math test is moved to Thursday (one day earlier)

3. Bring in pencils  for the Terra Nova tomorrow! 

Friday, October 11, 2019

4th grade science – we completed  our STEM competition and answered questions based on our findings.  Type up the answers and hand in the “STEM LAB” questions and hand it in on 10/ 15

1. The students took the Terra Nova Practice exam on Thursday and Friday. The real Terra Nova will begin next week. Please make sure all students have sharpened pencils and get to school on time. 
2. On Tuesday the children will have a Religion Test on Chapter 1. 
3. Math- we have been working on rounding numbers to the nearest tenth, hundred and thousand place. The children will be tested on rounding numbers on Friday. Be sure to review all notes in their Math Notebook. 
4. We will begin the 5 times table on Tuesday, so feel free to begin practicing it at home.

5. Grammar test – Thursday 

6. We will work on our second stem project next week. I need each student to have a ruler and a roll of scotch tape by Tuesday. 
Thank you parents for all that you do!

Have an amazing weekend!

Mrs. Borthwick

October 10,2019

1. Spelling Test tomorrow 

2. Religion Chapter 1 will be on Tuesday

3. Test next Thursday- Grammar :


b) statements and questions

c) commands /exclamations

d) subject and predicate 

*4th grade Science 

Read and answer questions on page 60 and 61


October 9, 2019

1. Vocabulary-page 11

2. Complete Math problems in your notebook. 
3. Spelling Words – put your spelling words in sentences 

4. Religion test –  Tuesday (Chapter 1)

October 8, 2019

1. Religion- review page 30 for Test on Monday

2. Math- complete homework questions in your notebook

3. Multiplication quiz 0-4 tomorrow

4. Please bring in Yankee Candles Forms

5. Spelling test – Friday



Third Grade Syllabus

 Our educational adventure will consist of growth and development.  Your child will learn to collaborate, communicate, think creatively and critically, and develop a sense of character. The skills that they will learn will be their key to their future success.  

Class rules: Be responsible and prepared to work everyday.  Always raise your hand to answer, comment or ask a question.  Be respectful of classmates and the classroom environment.  Always be an active learner by listening to instruction for classwork.


Classwork: 10%   

Homework: 15%

Projects: 10%

Quiz: 15%

Test: 50%

Special Subjects:

Monday – Coding

Tuesday – Art

Wednesday – Gym

Thursday – Spanish/ Choral Group

Friday – Music

Homework Policy: The students will be given written homework Monday through Thursday.  It is expected that it be completed on time.  Three missing homework assignments will be resulted in an extra homework assignment.  

Third Grade ELA Standards

  • Identify story elements ( main idea, theme, conflict, solution, theme, setting, etc…)
  • Describe series of events using a series of events
  • Determine the meaning of words or phrases , figurative language and content specific words
  • Understanding author’s purpose, comparing and contrasting, and point of view
  • Explain how the reader’s point of view may differ from the author or narrator
  • Explain how claims in text are supported by relevant reasons or text

Third Grade Math Standards

  • use of multiplication and division within 100 to solve word problems 
  • Interpret products of whole numbers
  • Interpret whole number quotients of whole numbers
  • Properties of Operations
  • Place Value
  • Rounding / Estimation
  • Understanding and representing fractions
  • Measurement and Data
  • Geometry

Third Grade Science Standards

  • Forces and Interactions 
  • Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems
  • Life Cycles and Traits
  • Weather and Climate

I am eager to work as a “teacher parent team” to make your child’s overall learning experience a positive and challenging one.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns at any time. jborthwick@holyangelsbayridge.org

Thank you!

Jennifer Borthwick







Monday, October 7, 2019

1. Spelling- Write Spelling words 3 times each in your notebook 

2. Grammar- page 23

3. List the differences between the 2 characters Ivan and Mack. (2 or 3) 

4. Test on “Phoebe and the Spelling Bee” tomorrow 

Friday, October 4th

1. Multiplication quiz – Wednesday 

2. “Phoebe and the Spelling Bee” – test Tuesday

***4th grade science – page 60 #s 9

page 61- #11, 12


Thursday, October 3, 2019

1. Math- page 7 #s 25-36

2. Sign the Multiplication quiz on 0,1.2 and 3 that we took today

3. Study the 4 times table for next weeks quiz

4. Science test tomorrow! Please review all study sheets that we completed in class for review. 

5. Spanish Class- write the sign of the cross in Spanish 4 times and one time in English (This is due next Thursday) The children also have to get the letter signed. 






Posted on December 13, 2019


Multi-digit subtraction Tuesday-Thursday


Language Arts

Mon–Write new spelling words three times each

Tues-Thursday–Spelling page from school

Homework 12/9-12/13

Posted on December 10, 2019


Multi-digit subtraction Tuesday-Thursday


Language Arts

Mon–Write new spelling words three times each

Tues-Thursday–Spelling page from school

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