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Reminders for September 20, 2019

1. “The One and Only Ivan” test will on Tuesday. Review the vocabulary words in your notebook. 

2. Math Test on Friday (place value, least to greatest, comparing numbers) Review the work sheets from this week and the beginning of next week)

Have a wonderful weekend! 

Homework for September 19, 2019

  1. Complete the rest of the math sheet that is in your folder.
  2. Complete the grammar sheet in your folder.
  3. The reading comprehension test on our novel will be on Tuesday.  It is on pages 1-30.  
  4. Continue practicing the 3 times table.
  5. Writing Prompt #4
  6. Gym is now on Wednesday
  7. Please bring in small index cards on Friday for a STEM challenge that we will do in class. 

Have a great day! 

Homework for September 18, 2019

1.Multiplication sheet in your folder

2.Gym has been moved to Wednesday

3. On Tuesday, there will be a test on pages 1-30 on “The One and Only Ivan.” Be sure to review the novel vocabulary in your notebook as well. (example; unkempt, ebony)

4. Writing Prompt #2

5. Math number line sheet #s 3,4 and 6

6. Grammar-review sentence and sentence fragments 

Homework for September 17, 2019

1. Math- Multiplication sheet on the three times table

2.Math – Review all Place Value sheets that come home today.   

3. We started to read, “The One and Only Ivan” yesterday.  This week we will be working on our novel study packet.  Please be sure to read over the questions.  Our focus in our stations this week will be main and minor characters, setting, conflict, and character traits.  Our reading circle consisted of a discussion of symbolism and a question of whether or not animals should be taken out of their habitat.  The class did an amazing job! 

4. Complete ‘writing prompt” number 1 from your Writing Prompt packet in your reading notebook.  Be sure to write it in paragraph form.


1. Please come to school with pencils already sharpened.

2. The blue folder must come back to school daily.



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