Homework–November 15, 2019

Posted on November 15, 2019

4th grade

No Homework—Study

Reading–Test on chapters 1 + 2 from Tales of A Fourth Grade Nothing  November 18th  {Study guide was given out}

Math–Test on Graphs November 19th

Social Studies–Test on Native Indian lifestyles–November 20th

Grammar– Test on Subordinating conjunctions–November 21th

Religion– Test on chapter 3

3rd Grade

No Homework

Homework–November 14, 2019

Posted on November 14, 2019

4th grade

Reading —-Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing–Worksheet “Safety”

                       Test on chapters 1 + 2  on November 18  (a study guide will be given out tomorrow)

Math—Finish Circle graphs worksheet

              Test on graphs  November 19

Social Studies–Study pages 30-37 Test November 20

REMINDERS:  MOVIE NIGHT  November 15  + RADIO BINGO  on November 16 

3rd grade

Social Studies—p. 59

Homework–November 13, 2019

Posted on November 13, 2019

4th grade

Reading—Worksheet pertaining to chapters 3 +4 Plan a Park

Math–Finish line graph worksheet

Social Studies–Finish—Writing “Diary Entry of how your life would be as an Algonquian Indian”

REMINDER:  DRESS DOWN $1 WEAR===red, white, and/or  blue

3rd Grade

Social Studies–study for vegetation test tomorrow {study types of vegetation–desert, tundra, grasslands, forests—describe the climate/temperature for each type of vegetation, which animals are most likely seen during these types of vegetation}

Homework-November 12, 2019

Posted on November 12, 2019

4th grade

Reading–Read chapters 3 + 4 in the novel, Tales of Fourth Grade Nothing by Judy Blume–Complete the Worksheet

Stages on the Sound—Environment

Math–finish Bar Graph Worksheet

Religion–finish Thanksgiving/Blessing Poem


3rd Grade

Social Studies —Quiz on types of vegetation on Thursday {Study 4 types of vegetation, describe each such as the climate/temperature, plants, and animals}

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