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March 12,2020

  • Read through your lines in the script for LWW

March 10,2020

  • Quiz tomorrow on Chapter 8&9 
  • Finish your cause and effect drawing that will be due tomorrow 

March 4,2020

  • Complete Chapter 11 Comprehension Question

March 3,2020 

  • Finish Chapter 10 Comprehension Questions and submit on Google Classroom 
  • Copy Chapter 10 vocabulary on p.39 of the packet into your vocab section of your notebook. 

March 2,2020 

  • No Homework
  • Quiz on Tuesday 3/10 on Chapter 8 & 9 

February 27,2020

  • Complete ” The Text” worksheet and return tomorrow 

February 26, 2020 

  • No Homework 

February 24,2020 

  • Complete Chapter 8-9 Review Sheet 
  • Create a vocabulary game of your choice using the words from the vocabulary section of the review sheet 

February 13,2020 

  • Complete the Ch.8 Comprehension Questions on Google Classroom 

February 12,2020 

  • Complete pg.84-85 in Vocabulary Workbook 
  • Test Corrections due Friday 

February 11,2020 

  • Finish reading Chapter 8 , highlight new characters, new information, and words that you don’t understand. 

February 10,2020 

  • Practice C on pg.40 
  • Proverb Index Card 
  • Test Tomorrow on The Lion , The Witch, and The Wardrobe. Study Guide on Google Classroom 

February 6,2020 

  • Complete The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe writing assignment from class. 

February 5,2020 

  • Complete possessive noun worksheet 

February 4, 2020 

  • Complete Ch 5-7 Packet that you were given in class. 

February 3,2020 

  • Vocabulary Workbook p.74-75 

January 23,2020 

  • Finish reading Chapter 6 and answer comprehension question on Google Classroom 

January 22,2020

  • Read Chapter 5 and answer comprehension questions on Google Classroom

January 16,2020 

  • Test 1/21 on The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe 

January 14,2020 

  • Read Chapter 4 and complete sequencing work from class today.
  • Test 1/21

January 13,2020 

  • Using 8 of the vocabulary words from class today write a short story. 
  • Test 1/21

January 8,2020

  • Unit 1-6 Vocabulary Review : p.64-67 Due on Wed 1/15

January 6, 2020 

  • Complete the vocabulary worksheet if you did not finish it in class. 
  • Complete Chapter 1 Homework Questions on Google Classroom 


December 18, 2019 

  • Complete pg.18-21 in your Ready Books 

December 16,2019 

  • Have book reviews ready to hand in tomorrow during class. 

December 10, 2019 

  • Vocabulary Test on Thursday 

December 4,2019 

  • Complete the comprehension questions on Google Classroom 

December 3,2019 

  • Complete your christmas activity and return to school tomorrow 
  • November Book Project is due 12/10
  • Vocabulary Test 12/12 

December 2,2019 

  • Complete the simple subject and predicate worksheet 
  • Vocabulary Test on 12/12 

November 20,2019 

  • Complete Unit 4 of the Vocabulary workbook 

November 19,2019 

  • Complete the On Strike Worksheet in the packet you received today in class. Remember you are only doing the in your own words section. 

November 18,2019 

  • Read Chapters 11&12 and complete the problem and solution chart 

November 13,2019 

  • Finish up any of the work that I assigned while I was out , we will go over the work together tomorrow

November 12,2019 

  • Read Chapter 10 of Esperanza Rising and complete the problem and solution chat for that chapter ONLY. 
  • Novel Test will be on 11/14 the test will be on Chapters 7-10 

November 5,2019 

  • Read p.139-157 in Esperanza Rising, complete the problem and solution chart for that chapter ONLY
  • Novel Test will be on 11/14 
  • Our vocabulary quiz will be moved to 11/6 

November 4,2019 

  • Read Las Almendras on pg.121-138 
  • Fill in the problem and solution chart on Google Classroom only for that chapter 
  • Vocabulary Quiz on Units 1&2 words tomorrow! Study only the words that I told you to study. 
  • Novel Test will be on 11/14 


October 29,2019 

  • Complete Sentence Type worksheet , front and back. 
  • Complete the Venn Diagram in the Comparing and Contrasting Packet and bring it in on Thursday 

October 24,2019 

  • Vocabulary workbook p.20-21 
  • Comparing and Contrasting Packet due Monday 

October 22,2019 

  • Read p.100-121 by Thursday 
  • Pg.3  of Lewis and Clark Packet : Due on Friday 
  • Finish any documents on Google Classroom from todays stations: Due Thursday   

October 21,2019 

  • Pg.3  of Lewis and Clark Packet : Due on Friday 
  • Finish any documents on Google Classroom from todays stations: Due Thursday   
  • Read p.100-121 by Thursday 

October 18,2019

  • Complete pg.2 of the packet be sure that you are researching the third source of your own choice. Just know that the source must answer the question at the top of the page. 

October 17,2019 

  1. Vocabulary Quiz on Unit 1 words on : November 5,2019 
  2. Everyone should have read up to page 100 by Friday October 18,2019 


September 19,2019 

  1. Have the novel ” Esperanza Rising” by September 23,2019

September 20,2019 

  1. Have ” Esperanza Rising” by Monday 

September 23,2019 

  2. Complete worksheet if you were given one in class 
  3. Complete readers response questions ( in journal)  if you had the book in class and make sure to read Chapter 2 

September 24, 2019 

  • Make sure you have Chapter 1&2 read 
  • Answer Reading Response questions journal 

Ch 1 & 2 ~ 1924 & Las Uvas

1) How would you describe Esperanza’s relationship with Papa (Sixto)?

2) What premonition did Esperanza have, where did it occur?  Did her premonition come true? Give details to support your answers.

September 26, 2019

  • Read p.23-58 
  • Readers Response Questions in journal 

1. How did Señor Rodriguez react when Esperanza told him her father was dead? 2. How does the family pass the days after Papá’s death?
3. What did Esperanza mean when she compared her uncles to “la calabaza?”
4. Why is the family so angry at Tío Luis?
5. Why did Alfonso decide to take his family to the United States?
6. Describe the fire.
7. What does the author mean by “They were numb, as if encased in a thick skin that nothing could penetrate” (p. 43).

September 30,2019 

  • Vocabulary Workbook p.12 

October 1, 2019 

  • Read Esperanza Rising p.58-85 
  • Answer reading response questions in journal 
  1. Describe Esperanza’s journey north
  2. . How does Esperanza react when they board the train?
  3. What was Miguel’s relationship with Papá?
  4. What does Esperanza learn when the family meets Carmen on the train?
  5. What happens when the family arrives at the border?

October 9, 2019 

  • Read the two stories from the packet and answer the first page of the activities. 
  • Go onto Google Classroom and complete the Exit Ticket from today 
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