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March 12,2020

  • Complete and turn in any missing assignments on Google Classroom by tomorrow 

March 10,2020 

  • Finish your slideshows from class about identity and clothing 

March 4,2020

  • Finish reading the journal entry from today p.147-155

March 3,2020 

  • Read p. 118-136 of The Night Diary 
  • Find any artistic resource that uses water to symbolize life. 

March 2, 2020

  • Read pg.99-118 in The Night Diary 
  • Pick one journal entry from Nisha and write a response back to her in the point of view of her mother. Submit the writing on Google Classroom 

February 27,2020

  • Vocabulary Unit 5 p.65-67 

February 26,2020 

  • Ready Book p.108-110 due Friday 

February 24,2020 

  • Ready Book p.100-102 due tomorrow 

February 13,2020

  • Complete Exercise 1&2 pg.100 in Grammar 
  • Ready Book homework is due tomorrow 

February 12,2020 

  • Complete pages 77-84 in Ready Book 

February 11,2020 

  • Read pgs. 88-99 in The Night Diary, answer journal prompt on Google Classroom 

February 10, 2020 

  • Complete essay that was given to you in class 

February 6,2020 

  • Complete the Write What You Think, on p.68 in your notebooks 

February 3,2020 

  • Ready Books p. 66-68 Due Friday 

January 22,2020 

  • Ready Book p.30-34 Due Friday 

January 16,2020

  • Test on 1/21 The Night Diary 

January 13,2020 

  • Complete journal entry from class today 
  • Test 1/21

January 8,2020

  • Complete Journal Entry #2 in Google Classroom that we started in class. Make sure that you follow the directions in the instructions. 

January 6,2020 

  • Read pg.14-31 in The Night Diary and answer the journal prompt on Google Classroom 


December 17,2019 

  • Arguementative Essay’s are due tomorrow ! 

December 16,2019

  • Characterization Slides due Tomorrow 
  • Write a short essay ( 3 paragraphs) that depicts your own identity as you see it in today’s world.  Due Wed.

December 10, 2019 

  • Vocabulary Test Thursday , words are on Google Classroom 

December 4,2019 

  • Finish your conclusion to your essays and type them on Google Docs 

December 3,2019 

  • Complete the three body paragraphs for your essay
  • Everyone must have The Night Diary by Veera Hiranandani , by 12/10  
  • Vocabulary Test 12/12 

December 2, 2019 

  • Finish your book recommendation bulbs and have them ready to hand in tomorrow. 
  • Vocabulary Test on 12/12  

November 20,2019 

  • Complete Unit 4 by next Wednesday 
  • Words in Action # 2 submit the assignment on Google Classroom 

November 19,2019 

  • Come up with three topics you would like to write about for your argumentative essay. 
  • Finish up your writable work from today’s class, you need to review others writing as well! 

November 18,2019 

  • Complete the writable assignment that was assigned to you on Friday, we will go over your writing tomorrow in class. Also make sure that you have completed the peer review. 

November 13,2019 

  • Make sure that you have completed and turned in all of the work that I assigned while I been out, we will go over everything tomorrow when I return. 

November 12,2019 

  • Complete the following questions in your Writers Notebook section of your ELA notebooks. These questions will show up on your upcoming exam, so remember to add text evidence. 

Read pp.93-109

  1. How old is Elie at the time of the evacuation when the prisoners traveled for ten days and nights? (p. 96) 16
  2. How did Elie again help his father when they were on the train?He woke him from a nap; they were about to throw him off the train because they thought he was dead
  3. Describe the scene Elie witnessed between the father and son. The son beat the father to get his bread and the father died. The son was killed by the other passengers so they could have the bread.
  4. How many got out of the wagon? Where had they arrived? Only 12; Buchenwald
  5. What is the familiar fear Elie feels when they arrive at Buchenwald? (p. 99) not to be separated from his father

November 7,2019 

  • Finish Exercise 1&2 in your Grammar workbooks on p.40 

November 4,2019 

  • Make sure you have completed the novel. 
  • Answer the reading response questions in your journals, questions can be found in Google Classroom. 

October 29,2019 

  • Finish the conflict chart and conflict worksheet from today’s class. Make sure that you press turn in on the top of the page. Due THURSDAY 
  • Finish reading the entire book by Friday 

October 24,2019 

  • Finish worksheet that was given in class : due 10/25

October 22,2019 

  • All Autobiographies must be in on Wed 10/23 any late reports will have a grade deduction of 5 points for everyday it is late. 
  • Have pg.85-97 read by Thursday

October 21,2019 

  • Autobiography due on Wed 10/23 
  • Grammar Workbook p.34-35 Exercise 1-3 
  • Read pg.85-97 


October 17,2019 

  1. Vocabulary Quiz on Unit 1&2: November 5,2019 
  2. Novel Test #2: November 7,2019 



September 24,2019 

  • Make sure you have Chapter 1& 2 read
  • Reader Response Questions in journal 
  1. Describe Moshe, the Beadle.
  2. Why did Eliezer pray, and why did he cry when he prayed?
  3. Upon his return, what story did Moshe tell?
  4. Explain, “our eyes were open, but too late.” Where was the train at this point?
  5. What did some of the passengers do to quite Madame Schacter?
  6. Where did the train finally stop?

September 26, 2019 

  • Make sure you are all caught up with your reading, everyone should be up to p.46 in the book 
  • Reader Response Questions in journal 

    1.  Explain what Elie meant when he said, “Never shall I forget these flames which consumed my faith forever.”

    2. What was Elie’s first impression of Auschwitz after leaving Birkenau?

    3. What sort of identification was used on the prisoners?

    4. What were the prisoner’s rations at each meal?


September 30, 2019 

  • Vocabulary Workbook p.21 

October 1, 2019 

  • Write a first draft of your autobiography DUE DATE : OCTOBER 7,2019 
  • Finish your Life Maps for your autobiographies, make sure they are colored! 

October 9, 2019 

  • Words In Action #2 : Google Classroom 

October 10, 2019 

  • Finish your slideshows from class and be ready to present them 
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