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November 14,2019 

  • Complete #11-22 vocabulary words of Part 2 and chose six of them and write a short story using those words. 

November 13,2019 

  • Make sure that you have completed all of the work that assigned while I was out, it must be turned in on Google Classroom if the assignment was on there. We will go over everything tomorrow in class when I return. 
  • Also tomorrow you will have a quick three question quiz to make sure that you have been up keeping with the reading that was assigned to you. 


November 12,2019 

  • Read Chapter 3 of Part 2 in The Book Thief and answer the following questions on looseleaf. “The Town Walker”
    1. Why does Mama put Liesel in charge of collecting & delivering the laundry? How does Liesel feel about her new job?
    2. Briefly identify each of the following characters: Pfallelhurvers, Helena Schmidt, the Weingartners, and Mayor & Frau Hermann.
    3. To whom does Liesel write her letters? Why does she have a foreboding sense with regard to 1 of the letters?
    4. What questions/concerns does Liesel now have regarding her mother?

November 5,2019 

  • Complete #’s 1-10 of The Book Thief Part 2 Vocabulary in your ELA notebooks. 

November 4,2019 

  • Study for Vocabulary Quiz on 11/5 Unit 1&2. Study only the words that I had given you in class. 
  • Study for your Novel Test on 11/7 

October 29,2019 

  • Complete the comprehension questions located in Google Classroom, we will go over those on Thursday 
  • Review the test review worksheet on Google Classroom we will begin reviewing on Thursday. 

October 24,2019 

  • Finish Unit 3 of Vocabulary Workbook by Thursday 10/31

October 22,2019 

  • Personal Narratives are due tomorrow, I will not accept any late narratives for every day it is late five points will be deducted. 
  • Read pg.87-107 by Thursday 
  • Finish any of the work you did not complete on Google Classroom by Thursday 10/24 

October 21,2019 

  • Figurative Language Quote description due tomorrow
  • Personal Narratives due on  Wed 10/23
  • Read pg.87-107 by Thursday 
  • Finish any of the station work you did not complete on Google Classroom by Thursday 10/24 

October 18,2019 

  • Complete the assignment Figurative Language : Description on Google Classroom , turn it in by Tuesday 10/22. Remember that your describing the quote your group had chose for their poster in class. 

October 17,2019 

  1. Vocabulary Quiz on Units 1&2 : November 5,2019 
  2. The Book Thief Test #2: November 7, 2019 
  3. Everyone should have completed reading Part 1 of The Book Thief , if you did not finish reading Part 1 have it completed by Monday


September 19,2019 

  1. Complete Making Inferences Worksheet 
  2. Have the novel “The Book Thief” by September 23,2019 

September 20,2019 

  1. Have ” The Book Thief” by Monday 

September 24, 2019 

  • Make sure you have read “ Death and Chocolate” & “ Beside The Railway Line”
  • Answer reader response questions

“ Death and Chocolate”

  1. From what point of view is the novel told? Who is the narrator of the story? How do you know?
  2. What theory does the narrator suggest about colors? Purpose? Why does the narrator need distractions?
  3. List the specific critical components of the story according to the narrator?
  4. Who might you infer is the book thief? Has he or she already been named? Explain your answer.

“Besides the Railway Line”

  1. What purpose does this section of the novel serve?
  2. What impression does Death give himself? Do you feel you can trust Death as the narrator? Why or why not?

September 26, 2019 

  • Read Arrival on Himmel Street & Growing Up a Saumensch” 
  • Readers Response Questions in journal ( WRITE THE QUESTIONS & ANSWERS) 
  1. Death opens Part 1 with a flashback, what is it?
  2. Who is Liesel & Werner Meminger? Describe the setting. How old is Liesel?
  3. What observation does Death make for the reader?
  4. What falls from the grave digger apprentice’s pocket without his knowledge? What does Liesel do with the object?
  5. Why are the Memingers on the train? Liesel’s ultimate destination is ______________________ .
  6. Identify & describe Liesel’s foster parents.
  7. How many books made up the story of Liesel’s life? What similarity do you notice between Death’s explanation of Liesel’s book collection and the organization of the novel?
  8. What single fact does Liesel know about her father?

September 30, 2019 

  • Work on your first drafts of your personal narrative DUE DATE: OCTOBER 7, 2019 

October 1, 2019 

  • Vocabulary Workbook p.20 ” Words in Action” #2 on your chromebook or on looseleaf , if you write it on the chromebook then share the document with me 
  • Start studying the vocabulary words from The Book Thief 

October 9,2019 

  • Words In Action # 2: Google Classroom 

October 10, 2019 

  • Finish reading Part 1 of The Book Thief 
  • Answer the following questions in your journal : Due 10/16 

“The Kiss (A Childhood Maker)”


  1. Briefly identify each of the following characters: Rudy Steiner, Frau Diller, Tommy Mueller, & “Pfiffikus.”  Make sure to note their connection to Liesel, if any.
  2. How are the friendships between children made on Himmel Street?
  3. Briefly describe the “Jesse Owens” incident?
  4. Who introduces Liesel to the “secrets” of the neighbors? Explain.
  5. Schiller Strasse is ________________________.
  6. What challenge does Rudy offer Liesel following their taunting of Pfiffikus? What is the outcome?


“The Jesse Owens Incident”


  1. Who is Jesse Owens? Was Liesel present for the Jesse Owens incident? Explain.
  2. How does Death’s explanation of Mr. Steiner’s politics explain his anger with his son emulation of Jesse Owens?
  3. What is Rudy’s father trying to make Rudy understand when he tells Rudy that he should be happy he was born with blonde hair & blue eyes?
  4. What is the significance of the event Death foreshadows at the end of the chapter?
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