Animal Research Project

Dear Parents,
For our next science unit, the students will be focusing on writing a report based on an animal of their choice. Please make sure that the book chosen is one they can read mostly on their own. The main reading of this book should be done at home. When picking a book with your child here are some helpful tips:
The book your child chooses should include some or all of the following:
• Is the animal an invertebrate or vertebrate?
• Is the animal a carnivore, herbivore, or omnivore?
• Some foods the animal eats
• What is my animal’s body covered with?
• Is my animal warm-blooded or cold blooded?
• Does my animal hatch from an egg or is it born alive?
• Predators that hunt my animal
• How long or tall your animal will grow to
• How much it weighs when it is full grown
• What countries, continents, or regions does you animal live on
• What type of climate does your animal live in?
If there is information that your child’s book doesn’t supply, we will look up the information in class. This book should be completely read by Monday March 2nd.
Thank You,
Ms. Latona