Are you ready for the new day?

Good Morning to you, good morning everybody,
good morning to you!  Do all your Morning Activities from prayers to songs.
Today is Wednesday ,March 25,2020.

RELIGION  It is a special day. It is the Annunciation. It’s the day Angel Gabriel told Mary that God chose her to be Jesus’ mother.  Think about how Mary felt about the news?  Ask your mom to tell you how she felt when she found out you were going to be born? She must have been so excited. 

Watch on you tube: Christian Kids TV  Angel Visits Mary/Jesus Tales/Stories of Jesus 
Remember when we learned about this at Christmas time?
In your Journal/on paper draw about the story.Have a grownup help you write about it.You can draw Angel Gabriel,Mary,Joseph even Mary’s cousin. Say the Hail Mary together when you are done.
A  lot of artists from long ago painted pictures of Mary and Angel Gabriel. Look at some of them on Google images.

SNACK TIME  Wash your hands and say grace. Can you sing We say thank you….
Book Time

PLAY TIME   Maybe today you can play going on a pretend trip or vacation like we do in the classroom? Or pretend you are camping and ask a grownup to help make a tent with two chairs and a sheet spread across so you can huddle underneath.?
Use your imagination today.
When a grownup says time is up ,put your things away with a smile  :}

Science / Literacy  ”Snow Rabbit, Spring Rabbit Read Aloud Video  (diocesan download for Wed.)
We learned together about animals hibernating and migrating in winter.
A lot of new baby animals are born in Spring. Talk about what you know and what you learned.
You can do the bunny footprints counting game.

LUNCH TIME   Was your hands. Can you help to make lunch?  It could be fun. 
Quiet Time After Lunch  with a book you love.

Academic Time – Work on letter R r. Watch our friend Jack  Hartmann on you tube.Sing and learn the letters of the alphabet Work on Rr today. After the videos brainstorm [ think] like we do together and name Rr words. Can you write some capital and lower case Rs .
 How about coloring a rainbow?  Or draw a rabbit or some things that are red? Or a rainy day?
Spend some I pad time working on your letters . 

Active Time    Go has plenty of videos to get your wiggles out  or you tube has some bunny hop songs for dancing to keep the bunny rabbit theme going.

 Middle of the week movie time – Its going to be a rainy afternoon Pick a favorite movie to  watch and have a snack.

Be a good listener. Grownups love you so very much but they have things to do TOO so when you cooperate ,you are a SUPERSTAR!