Homework—October 17, 2019

4th grade

Social Studies–On loose leaf, Research the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) Explain how the government must approval all products before being marketed (sold). Choose a farm product that you would like to sell.  What are the steps that you would need to distribute this product? 

Religion:  Study for Chapter 1 test tomorrow

Yankee Candle Sale Ends tomorrow!

Terra Nova Preparation for tomorrow– go to sleep early, eat breakfast, bring #2 pencils.

3rd grade

No homework

Homework–October 16, 2019

4th grade–


Social Studies–Read p. 16 for help.  Complete p. 17

Social Studies Test -Next Wednesday

Religion Test Friday–Study Chapter 1

No vocabulary test on Friday!!

TERRA NOVA PREPARATION:  Get a good night’s rest, eat breakfast, being prepared by bringing #2 pencils

3rd Grade Homework

Social Studies– Read pp. 34 Complete p. 35

Homework—October 15, 2019

Grade 4–On loose leaf, choose 3 -5 homophones.  Write a sentence for each word.

                   Example:  blew—I blew a gigantic bubble that it popped in my face.

                                      blue— My favorite color is blue because it reminds me of the beautiful sky. 


Religion: test on Chapter 1 on Friday

TERRA NOVA PREPARATION:  Go to sleep early.

                                                             Eat breakfast.

                                                             Be prepared–bring #2 pencils

Grade 3—Social Studies Workbook p.  33

Homework for October 10, 2019

YANKEE CANDLE SALE –Support our school

Vocabulary Workbook p.43

Math Workbook p. 12–Problem Solving

Vocabulary Test on Unit 4

Bring Rosary Beads on 10/30

Homework – October 9, 2019

Yankee Candle Sale —Support Our School

Vocabulary Workbook p. 41 Synonyms Only

Math Workbook p. 11

Religion- Finish from classwork–Pictures or images of how you see Jesus or how other people see Jesus EX:  “I am the ….”

Due Friday:  For Ribbon Week—Drug + Alcohol Awareness —messages, slogans, or advice


Homework for October 8, 2019

Grammar Test tomorrow (Wednesday)-study types of sentences, punctuation and capitalization

Vocabulary Unit 4 – p. 40 #’s 1 – 12

Math Workbook p. 9 even #’s


4th Grade Syllabus

Dear Parents,

Welcome to 4th grade!  I will be following the New York State 4th Grade Common Core Curriculum, with special emphasis on strengthening  multiplication and division skills.  I will also enhance the writing process where students are expected to write paragraphs daily.  The goal is to have all students writing essays by January.  Creative writing prompts will be implemented and submitted into contests and hopefully get published.  4th graders are expected to take the state exams in ELA, MATH and SCIENCE this year.

All 4th graders are expected to adhere to the rules and regulations of the academy’s handbook.  In addition, students are expected to come to school on time and be prepared with the proper supplies needed for success.  Although chrome book usage is encouraged in daily lessons, if students do not use the internet properly, the chrome book will be taken away for that period.  Parents will be notified of negative chrome book usage immediately which can result in a deduction towards their child’s academic grade.  Students and parents will be held accountable for any damage or destruction to the property of Holy Angels Catholic Academy.  For example, lost or destroyed textbooks must be paid for before another book is reissued.

Attendance is taken daily.  Students who are late, after 8:00 a.m. must provide a late pass.  Students who are absent from school must provide a note from the doctor or parent stating the reason why the child was obtained from school, otherwise it will be recorded as an illegal absence.

Religion is a serious component of spiritual development.  All students are expected to be reverent and participate in Church liturgies/Masses as well as in religion class.  Activities and projects will be given frequently to enhance a closer relationship with God and the world.

Homework is given daily.  Sometimes the assignment is started in class and students are expected to finish the task at home.  Reading and Math are essential subjects that will always be given.  Most homework is expected to be submitted on loose leaf unless otherwise noted.  Approximately, 20 homework assignments will be counted for the marking period.  All homework must be signed by parent/legal guardian.

Tests/quizzes will be given weekly with notification in advance.  Tests will not be given during last period.  Tests are only 1 form of assessment which will be averaged into the final grade for each marking period.

Projects will also be factored into the grading system for that particular subject.  Most times a rubric will be submitted as a guideline to ensure the highest grade possible.  

Submission of late homework/projects will result in a 5 pt reduction for the grade of that particular subject.

Grading Policy:  Tests/quizzes/Projects  = 50%

                              Homework= 20%

                              classwork = 20%

                              participation = 5%

                             behavior = 5%

Collaboration + Communication = Success!

Please contact me with any concerns at mortiz@holyangelsbayridge.org or use google classroom to check for updates on assignments and communication.  It will be a pleasure and honor to work with you to ensure success for your child.

God Bless!

Ms. M. Ortiz

Homework for October 7, 2019

Reminders for the week of 10/7/19 – 10/11/19

Monday–coding/computer class

Tuesday–art class—-Meeting at 7 p.m. for all parents

Wednesday–Gym class

Thursday–Spanish + choir class

Friday– Music class

Reading Comprehension Sheet–  “Amelia’s Roads” {Story read in class}

Math Homework:  Study/practice standard + expanded form, greatest – least, value of number for test tomorrow

Religion Homework: Review 4 types of Mysteries {Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious, and Luminous}  Choose 1 mystery.  On an index card, write a summary for that mystery. For example:  The Annunciation is part of the Joyful Mystery.  It is when Mary said “yes” to have baby Jesus.





Homework 10/3/19

Thursday: Reading Comprehension Practice Sheet – Terra Nova
Math Workbook p. 6 (#’s 17 – 21)
Study Unit 3 Vocabulary Words for test tomorrow

Homework October 2, 2019

Wednesday: Reading Practice Sheet for Terra Nova – Use a highlighter for unfamiliar words.
Math Workbook p. 6 (#’s 13 – 16)

Math Test on place value on Tuesday.

Grammar Test on types of sentences, subject + predicate on Wednesday.

Bring rosary beads on October 9th if you can.