Homework–December 6, 2019

4th grade

NO Homework

Reminders:  Breakfast with Santa 12/7

                       Bring permission slip for Tree Lighting Ceremony on Tuesday

                       Math Quiz –Tuesday study fractions on a number line (WKBK p.96 + 97)

                       Vocabulary –Test Thursday 12/12/19  Unit 6 words

                       Bring toy for “Toys for Tot” class service project


3rd grade

NO Homework

Homework–December 3, 2019

4th grade

Christmas Card for St. Jude Patient.  No less than 5 sentences.  Check for misspellings.  Be creative. Use colors.  Make sure that your writing is legible.

Stages on the Sound–index card–watch your favorite show and list the sounds that you hear

Vocabulary:  Finish p. 61  synonyms + antonyms

Math:  p. 99

Reminders:  Bring a brand new toy, unwrapped for our class service project — {Advent preparation}

                       Report Cards–half day –Thursday, December 5th

                       December 7th–Breakfast with Santa

                      December 9th–no school–Immaculate Conception—Go to church

                       December 13th–Family and Culture Christmas

3rd grade

Social Studies–Pollution Mini Project—Choose 1 type of pollution. On construction paper, label all parts.

Homework—December 2, 2019

4th grade

Vocabulary Workbook — p. 60

Math–Worksheet on fractions

Grammar–Finish p. 45–plurals

Reminders:  Breakfast with Santa–form + payment due 12/3

                       December 5th=half day=report cards

                       Family + Culture Christmas Celebration–Bring a dish–Dec. 13th

                       NO SCHOOL-DECEMBER 9TH–Feast of the Immaculate Conception–Go to Church

3rd grade

NO homework

November 27, 2019

4th grade—No Homework

Reminders:  Stages on the Sound Homework–index card

                       Recipe—google classroom

                       Spanish–study numbers–test 12/5

                       No after school tomorrow

                       Discount Card—Fundraiser—bring $20

                       Breakfast with Santa–December 7th

                       December 13th–bring favorite meal, enough to feed at least 12 people


3rd grade—No Homework

Homework–November 25, 2019

4th grade

Reading–Finish classwork–List the sequence of events from Chapters 7 + 8 from Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing–send through chrome book or submit on loose leaf for a grade.

Grammar–p. 42

Math–Worksheet on Greatest Common Factor

Google Classroom–recipe

Religion — Thanksgiving Poem

Reminders:  Stages on the Sound H.W.–index card

                       Spanish–Test 12/5/19 —Study numbers

                      NO AFTER SCHOOL ON NOVEMBER 27TH

                      8TH grade Raffle tickets

                      Discount cards Fundraiser–$20 due December 2nd

                      December 13th–bring your favorite homemade meal that feeds at least 12 people

3rd grade

Social Studies –p.  67


November 21, 2019–Homework

4th grade

Math–Complete p. 96

Religion–Study–Chapter 2—Thanksgiving Poem or Autumn Poem {minimum 2 stanzas }

Stages on the Sound–Index card — Watch your favorite show. On an index card list 5 sounds that you hear

Social Studies–Finish totem pole drawing + Tee Pee Show

3rd grade–

No homework

Homework—November 20, 2019

4th grade

Stages on the Sound—Watch your favorite TV show.  On an index card, write 5 sounds  that you have heard throughout the show.

Grammar–Cumulative UNIT 1 test {review pages 38 -39}

Google Classroom—Due November 27th —What is your favorite food?  Write your recipe for your favorite food.  Include each step.  Be creative with your display.  {Fight World Hunger —ctnbq.org —for guidelines}

Religion Classwork Quiz on Friday {end of Chapter 2}

Reminders: 4th grade is responsible for corn muffin/muffin mix–last day to bring Nov.22

                        $10 Holy Angels Family Thanksgiving Feast — last day to bring Nov. 22

                        No After school on November 27th

                        $20 Discount Card Fundraiser—last day December 2nd

                        Family and Culture Christmas Celebration—bring in your favorite homemade meal, enough for 12 people—Due December 13  

3rd Grade

Social Studies — p. 63

                              Map skills Practice Worksheet will be done in class

November 19, 2019–Homework

4th grade

Stages on the Sound — cut out and color individual letters from these words:  HAIKU, 4TH GRADE, THE END, THANK YOU

Social Studies —quiz tomorrow will be on a reading sheet about “How and Where Native Americans Lived”{questions are based upon the reading}

Grammar —Complete UNIT REVIEW pages 36- 37  Test on November 21st will be cumulative. Use pages 36 -37 as a guide.  Practice test on pages 38 – 39.

REMINDERS:  4TH GRADE is responsible for Corn Muffin/Muffin Mix {due by Nov. 22nd}

                             No AFTER SCHOOL Nov. 27th

                             December 13th {12 noon – 3:00 pm} bring your favorite homemade meal that represents your heritage.  Bring enough for at least 12 people. 

3rd grade

Social Studies–Reading Sheet “Century Farm: One Hundred Years on a Family Farm”.  Answer 3 questions on loose leaf

EXTRA CREDIT– Work Sheet on Vocabulary Review {words: suburb, urban, rural} 

Homework–November 18, 2019

4th grade

Reading–Read chapters 5 + 6  Complete the worksheet, “Whose Shoes?”

Math —Study for test tomorrow.  Use work book pages 85 – 89 as a guide.  Bonus:  review range, mode, and outlier

Religion–On loose leaf, make a comparison chart consisting of similarities and differences between Catholic Academies and Public Schools.  This will be a draft used for an outline of a persuasion essay  for attending Catholic Academies.

3rd Grade

Social Studies–

  Complete p. 61 at the top and Activity #1

Homework–November 15, 2019

4th grade

No Homework—Study

Reading–Test on chapters 1 + 2 from Tales of A Fourth Grade Nothing  November 18th  {Study guide was given out}

Math–Test on Graphs November 19th

Social Studies–Test on Native Indian lifestyles–November 20th

Grammar– Test on Subordinating conjunctions–November 21th

Religion– Test on chapter 3

3rd Grade

No Homework