Marvel Science Week 6: 11/13/19

During today’s class we continued the Marvel Science Olympics with the topic of Air Pressure.
Today’s competition was the inflation of a giant balloon. By directing the air that is everywhere around us we were able to inflate the balloons in one breath. This is something that only Superman can usually do except this time our scientists found themselves as powerful as he is!
Another experiment that we observed taught us how low and high pressure will always balance out. Using colored water, a couple of glass containers and a lit candle, we observed how the water was pushed from being outside of a flask into the inside as if the water was sucked in by some super power. Check out this video from our Facebook Page:  Air Pressure Video

Thank you to the Juliano Family Trust!

Due to a generous donation from the Juliano Family Trust, we will be expanding our Architecture Program with the Center for Architecture! 

Thanks to the Juliano Family, we will be expanding this program to include Grades 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7 Grade. Please join us in sending a special thank you to Mr. Stephen Juliano, Treasurer of the Holy Angels Board of Directors for facilitating this most generous donation.

Marvel Science Week 5

This week’s topic was Air Pressure. Using very simple materials such as plastic straws of various sizes and Play-Doh, we built Super Rocket Launchers.
Four teams competed in the Marvel Science Olympics. Of course, there were wins, cheers and lots of excitement! All athletes received prizes in the form of Infinity Stones.

Gravity and Newton’s Laws

On Wednesday, the topic of our Marvel Science Lab was gravity and an introduction to Newton’s Laws. Our students me Galileo Galilei, Newton and Einstein, and they even saw an apple falling from a tree.

They performed several experiments originally done by those scientists in the 17th century. We dropped closed and opened umbrellas and a cup of water from a tower. Our students loved their Life-Savers mobile and took home materials to build their own versions.

Now our kids know that for every action there is a reaction, but they still can’t figure out how Superman can fly with all that gravity.

Halo of Fame 2019

Our annual Halo of Fame Induction Ceremony and alumni reunion is set for Saturday, Nov. 23, 2019.

This year’s honorees are: 

  • Frank Keating
  • John Lepore
  • Kevin Ward
  • Suzanne Sancineto Giangrande & the McCarthy Family
  • Special Presentation to the family of Arnie Fusco

We will also be celebrating all of the classes with graduation years ending in 4 and 9. The evening will start with mass at 5pm, which will be followed by a reception in the gym at 6pm. 

Tickets are $65 in advance or $70 at the door on the day of the reunion. Event sponsorship packages and journal ads are also available at a variety of price points.


You can buy your tickets online here or send a check payable to “OLA Alumni” to the address below. Please R.S.V.P. by Nov. 15 to

Holy Angels Catholic Academy
Ann Marie McConeghy
337 74th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11209

Event Sponsorships and Journal Ads

Online purchasing for event sponsorships and journal ads is available here. You can also print and fill out this form. Please submit your ad design, logo and copy to Ann Marie McConeghy at the address above.

If you have questions, call Ann Marie at 347-628-2804.

Marvel Science Lab

In Marvel Science Lab, our students created an elephant toothpaste and learned about the presence of oxygen in raw vegetables. We also concluded that Ironman’s suit could be powered by a hybrid engine made with hydrogen peroxide!

New instruments for music class!

Holy Angels second grade students enjoyed playing our brand new instruments, “Soundshape drums” in music class today. The instruments were delivered yesterday, and second graders were the very first class to play them. 

They are a generous donation from the Toddler/Pre-Schoolers Playgroup. Also donated were a large set of egg shakers, perfect for making music in our Little Angels, Pre-K and Kindergarten classes. We are so grateful for such a wonderful addition to our classroom percussion instruments.


Photos: 4th Grade Science Career Day

Here are a few images from our 4th Grade Science Career Day. It was great to see our students showing off their knowledge of such a wide variety of STEM careers! Click on any image to enter the slideshow.