PDHP Update

Hello Parents and families! I wanted to share some information from New York State Office of Mental Health that can be another resourceful tool during these times in our lives. It is a guideline that outlines ways to manage anxiety and/or stress in an anxiety-provoking situation. As we are all aware, the outbreak of Covid-19, Coronavirus, has not only been a spreading disease, but it has spread a great deal of fear and panic among individuals and our communities. Please take a look at these guidelines and review the tips for the populations listed.

stress.coronavirus.spanish stress.coronavirus.english

Also, don’t forget to follow PDHP Parents facebook page. Cary Anne Fitzgerald is PDHP’s Parent/Community Outreach Coordinator and provides phenominal resources and information, check it out!


With love, thoughts and prayers to everyone,

Mrs. Jenn

PDHP counselor

Tips from Mrs. Jenn

Good Morning Holy Angels family, this is Mrs. Jenn! How is everyone doing? With all of these restrictions, limits and overall changes going on around us, we might feel anxious, worried, confused and scared. Yes, this is scary and when panic occurs, rational thinking and good judgment goes out the window. I want to remind everyone how much we all care about one another, therefore, NO ONE is in this alone! With social distancing and remote learning, there is minimal physical contact, which is what is needed at this time, as we all know. There is also social media, internet and smart phones that allows us to remain connected together emotionally and mentally. Although we will not being seeing each other in the weeks to come, it is important that we all stay connected and be there for one another. This week I am providing links that provide suggestions on ways to care of yourself and others. I also provided some printable Care Bears sheets to color. Coloring can be therapeutic so please carve some time out of your day and choose one, or more, to color. Parents, students and loved ones, the only request I make is to give it to someone special reminding them you care (via email, text, social media, internet etc.)  Lastly, I have attached a referral list of various facilities which include teletherapy (online therapy) capabilities if needed.

Love to you all,

Mrs. Jenn



Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a virus (more specifically, a coronavirus) identified as the cause of an outbreak of respiratory illness first detected in Wuhan, China.


Marvel Science Club Week 8

Today we explored the science of air. To start we had a mystery to solve. How did a balloon full of water get inside of an “empty” Cola bottle?

The first step was to answer the following question – is a bottle with no water empty or full? It appears to be empty but why can’t we squeeze it then? Actually, it is full of air. The next question was how can we push all the air outside of a bottle and inflate a balloon at the same time? For that we need another hole in the bottle. Once we’ve done that we can inflate the balloon and pour water into it. Then we just need to tie the balloon and leave it inside of a bottle. 

For the next experiment we watched boiled eggs and grapes get pushed inside of different bottles. And when we say “pushed” we mean pushed by air. The fact is that hot air takes up more space and when it’s cooling down there is a different air pressure within that area. We warmed up the air inside of a bottle. We then took a boiled and peeled egg that blocked the access for colder air to enter the bottle. Then, the air pressure outside of the bottle pushes that egg into the bottle. See the evidence in our pictures and marvel at the science of air pressure!

Art Show Virtual Gallery

Due to the postponement of the Art Show, we are presenting a virtual gallery to display some of our student’s art work.


Pot of Gold Dinner Dance Cancelled

We have canceled our Pot of Gold Dinner Dance. The ticket drawing will still take place on Saturday, March 14, at 7:00 PM. All are welcome. Standing room only.

As soon as the tickets are pulled, we will be exiting the building immediately. Thank you.

Science Fair

On March 5th, our 5th through 8th grade students showed off their science skills at a Science Fair. The experiments were amazing! There were volcanoes, earthquakes, windmills, slime, chicks, and homemade crystals among many other incredible projects. Check out our short video!

Marvel Science Lab Week 7

Our little scientists continued to get familiar with a superhero of science, Sir Isaac Newton. We learned about Newton’s apple and were marveled by the concept that the Moon is constantly falling as it goes around Earth. We enjoyed pulling on Newton’s beads. We played a game with a several levels of difficulty to see gravity and inertia in play. We observed how a quarter is climbs up when we tapped down on a box, proving the third of Newton’s laws.

With the new understanding of these laws we even know how the famous Tablecloth Trick works. It’s all about the first of Newton’s laws and friction. Who needs magic when the science makes it amazing?!


Marvel Science Lab Week 6

Marvel Science Lab explored the topics of friction, air resistance and gravity. We learned about Galileo Galilei and recreated several experiments from his time. Kids observed that the speed of a ball rolling down the slope doesn’t only depend on the size, weight or materials of the ball. The friction between the surfaces controls the speed of the rolling ball. We also saw and understood a concept of air resistance by dropping umbrellas from a tower of Pisa. An open umbrella falls down a lot slower than a closed one. It is all because of air that is getting caught under the open umbrella. We still don’t know how Superman can fly with all that air resistance and gravity! The students loved building Yellow Balloon Water Taxis. That experiment introduced us to the third law of motion. We now know that for every action there is an opposite reaction as stated by Sir Isaac Newton. We will continue learning about Newton’s laws next time.

Marvel Science Club Week 5

Marvel Scientists continued experimenting with Carbon Dioxide. Today we had planned to explore Super Volcano Eruptions. By mixing baking soda and vinegar, adding food coloring, and soap, we had ourselves a marvelous eruption. We also tried to see what type of chemical reaction we would get if we replaced vinegar with lemon juice or used baking powder and starch instead of just baking soda. The results were inconclusive. The nature of volcanoes is unpredictable and scientists need to know more about it.