Grade 4 Studies Owl Pellets

Grade 4 studied owl pellets to learn about food webs and animal habitats. Here are some photos of our scientists hard at work!

Marvel Science Club Week 4

Today, Marvel Science Lab welcomed new scientists. After introductions, we knew everyone’s names and our favorite superheroes.

Genie in a Bottle revealed that our science session topic was the marvel of Hydrogen Peroxide.

Hydrogen Peroxide is widely used by different industries and has many uses. It can dye hair or power a rocket or even Ironman’s suit! By mixing yeast with hydrogen peroxide, we extracted oxygen, and pasta provided great fuel for our engine.

The chemical reaction also can inflate a balloon and we didn’t need to use any special “equipment” like our lungs.

Hydrogen Peroxide, soap and yeast also makes a great toothpaste, especially for Hulk. Our Hulk toothpaste was a great success. It was fun to play with and, of course, a little messy. Eventually, some of the scientists became as green as Hulk himself.

Thank you Investors Bank Foundation!

Thank you to Investors Bank Foundation! Last year, they awarded us a grant to upgrade our Technology Lab and Infrastructure. This week Brian Gomez, Frank Claps, and Connie Waterman came into present Mr. Berry with the final installment.

Celebrating Vocations

On January 30th, Holy Angels Celebrated Vocations with visits from several parents and friends talking about what they do for a living. Mr. Negron is a 27-year veteran of the US Navy and brought tools that he uses for his job. Mr. McGuinness is a member of the FDNY and brought in gear that firefighters wear for the students to try on. Mrs. Darvil is a law library professor. She handed pocket Constitutions and even quizzed the students a little! Mr. Kwiecien came in with US Customs agents and their canine partners. Mrs. Rader had her friend, Mrs. Valte come in and talk about what it means to be a Registered Nurse. Fr. Jason Espinal spoke about what it means to be a priest and a friend of his, Mr. Quinones, explained what he does as a Director of Youth Ministry. It was a very informative day for everyone!

Presidents’ Day 2020

On January 29th, Holy Angels celebrated Presidents’ Day 2020. In June, our 8th graders were assigned a president to research and learn a speech they were famous for. Throughout the summer and fall, these students learned all they could about their president … who they were as people, where they came from, what they believed, what they hoped to accomplish for our country and what they actually did as a leader of our great nation. All their hard work culminated yesterday with their presidential presentations. The White House took over the auditorium where the student body and invited guests listened to speeches, watched skits, and even saw the 7th Grade Secret Service agents protecting our presidents! It was a sight to see! Afterwards, the presidents conversed with the Holy Angels voting public and the entire school voted on who they thought best embodied their president. Congratulations to Joseph Chelales, who portrayed Donald Trump, for a great performance. He beat out his classmates for Best Performance! We will add more photos as they become available.

Marvel Science Lab Week 3

Marvel Science Club Week 3: This week our experiments taught our kids about the superpowers of Air Pressure. Using a Tornado Blower, first we tried to keep a ball flying in the air while Gravity, aka Batman, was fighting with Air Pressure, aka Superman. Our superhero scientists experimented with the physics of air pressure during the last semester and we’re happy to report that they grasped the concepts quite well.

For our second and third experiments we reached out to the great Swiss physicist with the Italian last name. Senior Bernoulli discovered the principle of low and high pressure. First, we tried to make a mummy using the same Tornado Blower plus some toilet paper. Then, we inflated giant wind bags using one breath. To no one’s surprise, Bernoulli’s principle works quite marvelously. Check out the video we made on our Facebook page.

Celebrating Our Students Day

Lots of fun was had today as we Celebrated Our Students as part of our Catholic Schools Weeks Celebration. The day started with the Family Olympics for Little Angels through Grade 2. This was followed by a Talent Show where many of our students showed off their specialties. Congratulations to our winners: 1st Place – Paul Catania and Basil Roumbeas, 2nd Place – Megan Garland, and 3rd Place – William Guan. The children were treated to ice cream at lunch before settling into the gym to watch as the Faculty took on the 8th Graders in our Annual Volleyball Game. The 8th Graders also took on the 7th Graders. Father Jason Espinal joined the Faculty team and Mrs. Stosko and Mr. Moran were on hand to help officiate the games. While the Faculty was victorious in the first game, the 8th Graders showed the 7th Graders who were the senior students in the building! Later tonight, our day’s festivities will conclude with the Family Olympics for Grades 3 through 8.

National Junior Honor Society Induction Ceremony

Holy Angels Catholic Academy would like to congratulate the newest members of the National Junior Honor Society. The induction took place during our Catholic Schools Week celebration. Keep up the great work!