National Junior Honor Society Induction Ceremony

Holy Angels Catholic Academy would like to congratulate the newest members of the National Junior Honor Society. The induction took place during our Catholic Schools Week celebration. Keep up the great work!

Marvel Science Club Winter Session #2

























This week, Marvel Science Club explored the super science of sound waves. 

First, we used sound pipe devices to hear how the air that moves through the ribbed areas inside the pipes makes different types of musical sounds. Surprisingly, we even heard all seven notes with different pitches.

For the next experiments we made devices to observe and hear how the air makes vibrating and buzzing sounds. The first device was a Buzz-Maker that we spun and twirled in the air. The pitch changes depending on the speed of the motion. 

Our next sound apparatus was simply made from plastic straws. By cutting the flattened ends of the straws and then blowing into the Super Musical Straws, we heard air vibrations make music. The shorter the straw, the higher the frequency of the pitch. You can even say we played a trombone when two straws were used. 

The final experiment was to create an amplifier and a phone using a plastic cup and a string. We “saw” how sounds can be made louder if a string is connected to a cup. And then we observed how a sound vibration can travel from one end of the room to another, even if you talk into a cup. 

The Science of Sounds is a Superpower of all musicians or kids that love to create a buzz in a room! Check out our Facebook page for more photos.

Catholic Schools Week 2020 Schedule

Catholic Schools Week Schedule 2020

Catholic Schools Week 2020

  • Sunday – January 26 – Celebrating Your Parish
  • Mass 9:00 A.M. – Line up at 8:45. (All students are required to attend and

wear their uniform)

  • Holy Angels Open House/Social 10:00 – 12:00 P.M. Refreshments will be served
  • Open House 12:00 P.M. – 3:00 P.M. at Bay Ridge Catholic
  • Monday – January 27 – Community Day
  • “Souper Bowl” begins
  • National Jr. Honor Society Induction Assembly at 11:00 AM in the Auditorium
  • Grade 8 – will visit St. Nicholas Home
  • Grades 4-7 – will create sandwiches for the homeless – Each grade will be assigned what to bring in for the sandwiches.
  • Grades “LA” – 3 – will make survival kits for the FDNY with candy
  • Tuesday – January 28 – Student Day
  • Grades “LA” – 2 – Olympics 8:30 A.M. – Parents welcome
  • Talent Show – 10:30 – 11:30 A.M. – Parents welcome
  • Making Sundaes in the cafeteria – 11:30 A.M.
  • Volleyball – 12:30 – Teachers vs Grade 8  – Parents welcome
  • Volleyball – 8th grade vs 7th grade – Parents welcome
  • Olympics – Grades 3-8 will begin at 6:30 P.M. (all students MUST be in school no later than 6:15 P.M. – Parents welcome
  • Wednesday – January 29 – Celebrating the Nation
  • President’s Day presentations – 9:00 A.M. (All parents invited)
  • President’s Autographs and classroom visits – 1:00 P.M.
  • Thursday – January 30 – Celebrating Vocations
  • 9:00 A.M. – Mr. Kwiecien’s vocation presentation in the auditorium
  • 10:00 A.M. – Parents visit classrooms and present their vocations
  • Students will dress up in their career choice and present in class
  • 1:00 P.M. – Fr. Jason Espinal speaks to grades 3-8 about his life as a priest
  • Friday – January 31 – Teacher/Staff Appreciation Day
    • Dress Down for Everyone
    • Home Academy Association will be planning for this day

Winter Marvel Science Week 1

We started the new sessions of Marvel Science Club with experiments about balance and center of mass. 


A unique balancing device was used to learn how mass and balance interact. We separated into teams with one team’s representative creating a balancing problem and another team’s member trying to solve it. By placing differently sized blocks into various slots we understood better how different weights can be distributed to achieve balance.


For the next experiment we used two forks, a carrot, a wooden skewer, and then we tried to balance it on the edge of a glass. Once we found a very delicate balance, we decided to make it even more interesting. By burning the remaining piece of the wooden skewer, we left the whole structure hanging on the tiny piece of wood!


And for the final experiment, we were able to find a center of mass for a pencil tip. Can you guess how we balanced it?

Code Speak Labs

Coding classes at Holy Angels have been in full swing this year!  

During Unit 1 for 3rd and 4th grade, students learned about animations and storytelling elements used in their favorite cartoons and movies! Students then created their own stories that included animations using Scratch, a coding platform designed by MIT. We concluded our first unit with student presentations; each student worked on designing an original project and presented it to their peers. 

Here is an example of a student project:

 Olivia created her own original story equipped with sound she recorded during class (make sure your volume isn’t too loud for this one). Press the green flag and listen/watch:

In Unit 2, students will learn about game design and will apply their knowledge of animations to create their own fun, interactive single player and multiplayer games!

During Unit 1 for 5th and 6th grades, students began the year learning fundamental coding concepts such as loops to make something repeat, conditionals to make something happen if a condition is true, and data structures, such as variables and arrays, to store pieces of information. Using this knowledge students have been creating web apps using Javascript, a popular programming language. Some projects we’ve made have been a user activated fire breathing dragons, bugs that move at your command, and a random food generator.

Below are a few student projects:

– Using an array, something that can store multiple values, Thomas created an app that generates a random dinner item. Press the play button to get another food item:

– Using a loop to repeat a portion of code, Denise created an interactive game. Click or tap the screen shoot a beam to hit the floating objects. See if you can prevent the objects from getting across your screen:

In Unit 2, students will begin considering the ethical trade-offs of the apps, websites and tech they may use daily. We’ll engage in a brief discussion about the unintended consequences of apps like Pokemon Go and consider how tech can be used for the greater good. These discussions will inform the apps we continue creating in class.

Family Cultural Celebration

On December 13th, our students, faculty, staff and families gathered to celebrate the diversity of our community. Families sent their favorite home-cooked meals that represented their heritage and we all ate together at lunch time. There was food from all over the world: Italy, Ireland, France, Mexico, Spain, Honduras, Columbia, Nigeria, Poland, China, the Philippines, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Greece, Spain, and of course, the United States! We talked about our holiday traditions and everyone got to sample some new food. Everyone had a great time and learned something new. Thank you to all the families that sent in their favorite dishes and a special thank you to all the parents that came down to help decorate, set-up, serve, and clean-up. We couldn’t do it without you! Check out our Facebook page for more photos!

Trip to Radio City Music Hall

Holy Angels students took the ultimate New York City experience today.  Grades 5 through 8 traveled into Manhattan to see the world famous Christmas Spectacular Starring the Radio City Rockettes® presented by Chase. Radio City Music Hall® has been transformed into an immersive, winter wonderland, and our students are creating lasting memories with their classmates.

Marvel Science Club Week 8

Today’s first topic for Marvel Science Club was water density. Our scientists first theorized why ice floats. Like many things in our world, looks can be deceiving. The ice is solid and appears to be heavier than water but why doesn’t it sink? We heard from two young minds that when water freezes, its molecules are more spread apart resulting in less density than water.

For our next experiment, we used two jars with hot and two jars with cold water. When stacking a jar with cold water (blue color) on top of a jar with hot water (red color) we saw the liquids mix, resulting in purple-colored water. But when the hot water jar was on top, we clearly saw the liquids stay separated. This is a type of superhero power that science teaches us – hot water is less dense than cold so it stays on top.

Our next experiment was to observe vortexes. The best way to learn about the nature and science of a vortex, is to catch a tornado in a bottle. Not only did we make tornadoes, but we also competed to see whose tornado was more powerful. We needed to go to a video replay to see the winners of the tight races. Check out the videos on our Facebook page!

Marvel Science Olympics are always fun!!!

Merger Will Form Bay Ridge Catholic

Bay Ridge Catholic logoOn October 30, the Board of Directors and the Board of Members at St. Anselm and Holy Angels Catholic Academies announced the creation of Bay Ridge Catholic Academy. The new school will be centered around faith, arts and engineering, and will teach students the skills they will need to succeed in the modern economy.

Bay Ridge Catholic, located in the current St. Anselm facility, will open in September 2020. 

Learn more at