Celebrating Vocations

On January 30th, Holy Angels Celebrated Vocations with visits from several parents and friends talking about what they do for a living. Mr. Negron is a 27-year veteran of the US Navy and brought tools that he uses for his job. Mr. McGuinness is a member of the FDNY and brought in gear that firefighters wear for the students to try on. Mrs. Darvil is a law library professor. She handed pocket Constitutions and even quizzed the students a little! Mr. Kwiecien came in with US Customs agents and their canine partners. Mrs. Rader had her friend, Mrs. Valte come in and talk about what it means to be a Registered Nurse. Fr. Jason Espinal spoke about what it means to be a priest and a friend of his, Mr. Quinones, explained what he does as a Director of Youth Ministry. It was a very informative day for everyone!