Check-In with Mrs. Jenn 6/15/20


Dear Holy Angels Community:

Hi my dear community at Holy Angels Catholic Academy. The time has come for me to say “See you!”, not “Good-bye”. I have had the privilege to be a part of this community since the Fall, 2017, as the Prevention Counselor from the Program for the Development of Human Potential (PDHP). There have been many challenges that this community has faced, especially in the year 2020. With the hard reality of these school doors closing after this school year, the COVID-19 pandemic and remote learning, feelings of fear, anger, sadness and anxiety rolled in like waves. The darkest of storms eventually follow with a rainbow and sky filled with sunshine. My hope is that we continue working together, helping one another, and spreading the love, care and kindness I have witnessed throughout my years here. That is what a community is all about.  Keep the faith, positivity and optimism!  You made it, WE MADE IT, STUDENTS, TEACHERS, STAFF, PARENTS/FAMILIES, MR. BERRY, OUR COMMUNITY!


All of us in this together and not going through this alone, is what a community is all about. Living or working together in the same area is what a community is all about. Helping each other is what a community is all about. Coming together to solve problems that might be too big for one person to handle is what a community is all about. 

Holy Angels Catholic Academy is what a community is all about!!


With all my love and care,


Mrs. Jenn

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