Check Out These Great Links!

Please take time to explore these links. They are loaded with online learning activities that will be perfect for your Pre-Kindergarteners!

BINGO Boards at Home
This link brings you to Teachers Pay Teachers where you can download 1 or all Bingo Boards – Math, Literacy, ABC’s, Chores, Science.

FREE List – 101 Fine Motor Activities
This online list of 101 FREE fine motor activities can be downloaded and printed from Teachers Pay Teachers.

Motor Choice Boards
Teachers Pay Teachers offers some great free resources for you to download and print – including this choice board with gross motor activities to keep students moving and active.

Crayola – Free Coloring Pages
This link brings you to the Crayola website, specifically to the free coloring pages. If you have access to a printer, print out a picture to color!

Read at Home Bingo
A Bingo Board with ideas to encourage reading at home. 

Movement Activity Mat
A list of movement activities you can do at home with your child. All activities are optional.

Kindness Activity Mat
A list of kindness activities you and your child can do at home. 

Pre-K Activity Ideas Mat
A list of activity ideas you can do with your child at home. All ideas are optional.