Code Speak Labs

Coding classes at Holy Angels have been in full swing this year!  

During Unit 1 for 3rd and 4th grade, students learned about animations and storytelling elements used in their favorite cartoons and movies! Students then created their own stories that included animations using Scratch, a coding platform designed by MIT. We concluded our first unit with student presentations; each student worked on designing an original project and presented it to their peers. 

Here is an example of a student project:

 Olivia created her own original story equipped with sound she recorded during class (make sure your volume isn’t too loud for this one). Press the green flag and listen/watch:

In Unit 2, students will learn about game design and will apply their knowledge of animations to create their own fun, interactive single player and multiplayer games!

During Unit 1 for 5th and 6th grades, students began the year learning fundamental coding concepts such as loops to make something repeat, conditionals to make something happen if a condition is true, and data structures, such as variables and arrays, to store pieces of information. Using this knowledge students have been creating web apps using Javascript, a popular programming language. Some projects we’ve made have been a user activated fire breathing dragons, bugs that move at your command, and a random food generator.

Below are a few student projects:

– Using an array, something that can store multiple values, Thomas created an app that generates a random dinner item. Press the play button to get another food item:

– Using a loop to repeat a portion of code, Denise created an interactive game. Click or tap the screen shoot a beam to hit the floating objects. See if you can prevent the objects from getting across your screen:

In Unit 2, students will begin considering the ethical trade-offs of the apps, websites and tech they may use daily. We’ll engage in a brief discussion about the unintended consequences of apps like Pokemon Go and consider how tech can be used for the greater good. These discussions will inform the apps we continue creating in class.