Friday 3/27/20

Dear Parents,

Just a few reminders:

  • Please email me by 9am each morning to let me know your child is working, in order for me to mark them present
  • Please email and send me pictures of the assignments when completed
  • Please have your child log into, for 20 minutes a day and, or for 15 minutes each day.
  • Friday is Gym day go to and sign up

Friday 3/27/20
1. Math fat workbook pages473-476
2. ELA- Scholastic News- Students will read How to Rescue Baby Eagles and answer worksheet pages
3. Spelling- cut and paste ABC order
5. Contraction task cards- 21-30
6. Writing- What if you could create a new planet? Would your planet have mountains? Would there be fields of corn, Would it have forests or oceans? Where would people live? Close your eyes and imagine a place on your new planet. Write 10 words that tell what you see this new place
7. Religion- Students will read pages 210-211. Students will answer the following questions: What ae some different ways to show your thanks to others? How can we show that we believe in Jesus? What are we saying when we pray “Amen” at the end o the Eucharist Prayer? What happens during the Consecration at the Mass?
8. Social Studies -Topic- cultures/France Students will be reading a letter from a student who lives in France. They will then be answering questions as if they are that student. They will then be completing a Venn diagram comparing their life to the students life. They will also fill out a fun fact page.