Friday Fun for PreK Friends

Good Morning!   When you say your prayer this morning ask Our Lady Help of the Sick to pray for  us and help people get better.
It is Friday March 27!   There are 4 days left in March. Then it will be April!
 Let’s be silly today!
You might wear a beach hat in the house!Or wear two different socks? Wear your shirt backwards? Make up some silly words? 
For your Journal today draw a silly picture .Think of something silly like this? Cats and dogs riding the bus?  Birds going to school?  Santa bringing jack o lanterns instead of presents?  Think of something so silly it makes you laugh as you draw it.

Now before you have your snack watch on you tube Shake Your Sillies Out/ Brain Breaks/  Songs for kids/ The Learning Station

SNACK TIME  Sing Tops and Bottoms 2x when you wash your hands
and say our  Thank You for the world so sweet poem.

Book Time and Scavenger Hunt afterwards  Look at White Rabbit’s Color Book from the diocesan reading suggestion for today.  You know so many colors and shapes you ‘ll do great having to find things in your house for each color! 
Go through the colors in the rainbow. Have fun!

PLAY TIME     It’s Friday.What toys /games haven’t you played with this week?  Choose something different.

SCIENCE    Remember that we were learning the five food groups.       
                      1  DAIRY
                      2  PROTEINS
                      3 VEGETABLES
                      4 FRUITS
                       5 GRAINS
Watch on you tube :  The Fabulous Food Groups

and    Good Foods/ Healthy Foods/Song for Kids /Jack Hartmann
Think about the food groups when you have lunch. Did you have something from every group? 
After Lunch you can play a very fun game on  pbs kids. Foodie Truck Game with Grover and Cookie Monster. You can prepare a lot of  yummy foods in the game. Think of the 5 food groups when you follow the recipes.

LUNCH TIME    Wash your hands. Sing the Happy Birthday song 2 x.
Say grace. What food groups does your lunch contain?
Quiet Time after Lunch    Rest with some favorite books. 
Play the Foodie Truck Game on pbs kids when you get up. 

Friday Afternoon Fun     What will you do? It is going to be a rainy day. Maybe you can clean up your room a little bit?  Help a grownup do a chore. Bake cookies? Make popcorn? Watch a movie? 
Play a  board game? Play a memory game? Bingo?
The end of our school day is 2 o’clock.You can keep having fun after that!