Homework–December 3, 2019

4th grade

Christmas Card for St. Jude Patient.  No less than 5 sentences.  Check for misspellings.  Be creative. Use colors.  Make sure that your writing is legible.

Stages on the Sound–index card–watch your favorite show and list the sounds that you hear

Vocabulary:  Finish p. 61  synonyms + antonyms

Math:  p. 99

Reminders:  Bring a brand new toy, unwrapped for our class service project — {Advent preparation}

                       Report Cards–half day –Thursday, December 5th

                       December 7th–Breakfast with Santa

                      December 9th–no school–Immaculate Conception—Go to church

                       December 13th–Family and Culture Christmas

3rd grade

Social Studies–Pollution Mini Project—Choose 1 type of pollution. On construction paper, label all parts.