It is Thursday!

Good Morning everyone!

I was so glad to hear from more families yesterday and see how you are all working on school at home!
It’s not the same as being together of course but we can all do our best to do what we have to do so we can fight the germs and go back to all the things we loved to do.

Literacy Time  All the activities we do prepare us as emergent readers. Boys and girls who are learning about language.

 After your prayers and the pledge and songs today  get your Journal / paper and draw about what you like about being at home all the time. Do you like it? Why? Don’t you like it? Why? Tell a grownup your sentence and they can write it for you. On another page practice writing your name 5 x. That was a lot of writing but it is good practice for Kindergarten.
Book Time – Do you have a nursery rhyme book?  Recite a bunch of rhymes we learned together This a good review.
Hickory  Dickory Dock
Hey Diddle Diddle
Mary Had a Little Lamb
Jack and Jill
Humpty Dumpty
Baa Baa Black Sheep
There Was an Old Woman

SNACK TIME     Wash your hands and say grace.

PLAY TIME  Can you be a vet like Doc Mc Stuffins?  Can you pretend you are a teacher?  Can you be a mom or a Dad taking care of a family?  Can you be in charge of a parking lot with your cars?  Can you be an astronaut in a pretend space craft? Sometimes its fun to play something different.

More Literacy Time before Lunch.
Watch our friend Jack Hartmann on you tube and learn about letter Ss. Watch a Sesame Street video on you tube about letter Ss. There are so many s words. You could sit and think and think  You can practice writing Ss  ,
The SUN is the biggest  star.Can you draw or paint a giant  sun?? 
Can you draw six straight sticks?
Sing a silly song?
Slither like a snake.
Swim like  a shark?
You did a super job.
Give your brain a kiss.

LUNCH TIME    Wash your hands and sing We say Thank you...
Quiet Time after Lunch   Rest for awhile with a book or a favorite stuffed animal.

Math Time –  Do the  activity for Brown Rabbit’s Shape Book from the diocesan plan for Thursday. After the story spend time on drawing and recognizing shapes  and counting sides and  corners. 
You c
an create A Shape Book . You can print out a variety of shapes to color and cut or use decorative. paper to create the shapes.

Active Time you tube The Learning Station Brain Breaks Action Songs for Children  and Shake your Sillies out 
If you can play in  your yard or walk around the block you can do that ,too. Remember we are not supposed to be near lots of people so no playground for now.

   End of the Day Time   Use this time to do something else you want to do or something you didn’t finish .
 FUN FACT –  Today is National Spinach Day. Do you like spinach? There was a cartoon sailor named Popeye from a long time ago who LOVED SPINACH!  He wanted to eat it all the time.