June 10!

Good  Morning!
It is June 10, 2020.
It will be another warm day.
It is almost summer!

When we went to the Brooklyn Public Library on Ridge Blvd in November, Miss Rita read us a wonderful story about sharing and caring. It was “Thank You, Omu”. It is a story about the kind Grandma who shared her very delicious stew with all her neighbors and the boy who gave her a special Thank You.
The story is on YouTube. Your grown up can find the link I sent.
You can draw about the story. Make your own make believe stew recipe. Have fun!

Gratitude is a BIG word that means showing you are thankful

There are two ideas here for a nice project:

You can decorate a jar anyway you like and then cut slips of paper. Each day you and your family can put into the jar one of the slips of paper that you wrote on saying something you were thankful for that day. After a bunch of days, it will be full. You can empty the jar. Read and remember all the things you were thankful for. It will make everyone feel happy. I am very thankful that I got to be YOUR teacher this year. 

I put that in my jar!!