June 11!

Good morning!
Today is Thursday.
It is June 11.2020.
Sunday is Flag Day. It is our flag’s birthday!

Let’s think about the American flag today.

Can you say the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag?
Can you recite our Flag of America poem? Of course you can because we said them all year!

There is a nice flag story to hear read aloud with on YouTube.
It is called F is for Flag 

After the story you can draw about a part of it that you liked.

There are some nice videos about patriotic songs to watch too.

You’re a Grand Old Flag

The Star Spangled Banner

This Land is Your Land

Flag Art – Remember when we did our number art. It was inspired by an artist I love named Jasper Johns. He likes to do a lot of flag art.


Why don’t you try some flag art today?
You can paint or color the American flag or design a flag of your own with stars and stripes.

Have fun. Send me a picture of your art. I’d love to see it.