June 12!

Good morning to my friends who are still checking this page each morning.

If you have already started to be on vacation play safe and have fun.

Today is Friday.
It is June 12, 2020.

Our friends in 8th grade are graduating this afternoon.
They were my PreK friends – now they are going to High School.

You will be that big one day too.

We had fun with Curious George stories this year. Today, enjoy a Curious George Goes To the Beach story. George always gets into mischief because of his curiosity but it always works out to be OK.

Here are some creative activities to do:

  1. Design a beach bucket for yourself after the story. I’d like stripes on my bucket!

  1. Do a sun collage. Draw a big sun on paper and then cut squares to fill in the sun circle and the rays. Listen to some sun songs.

  1. You can even paint a picture of the beach where the sand meets the ocean. Before it’s dry, you can add some salt on top of the paint to give the picture texture. 

Enjoy the rest of your Friday. I miss you already.

Next week, Miss Barbara and I are going into school to put things back where they belong. We are going to make a plan to visit you outside your house (with our masks on) and bring all your things to you!