June 2!

Good morning!

Today is Wednesday.
It is June 3, 2020.

Allison’s birthday is on July 13!
We will celebrate her today.
We will have a Frozen theme today because that is her favorite!

ELA/Literacy: Enjoy a Frozen Read Along story. You can choose Frozen 1 or Frozen 2. Read both if you like! Draw about a part of the story that you liked a lot. Tell us about it. Your grown up can help you to write your words down. There are some character pictures your grown up can print for you.

Science/Art: Get this project ready for the freezer now, so you can paint it in the afternoon. In some little cups or ice cube trays put some water and food coloring. Place a stick or small spoon in so you’ll have something to hold. After a few hours, the coldness in the freezer will change liquid water into frozen water which you know is ice! Now you can do an ice painting!  As you paint, the ice will melt and you’ll be painting with ice! Have fun!! You could even make some edible ice for a treat after you work with orange juice or fruit punch.

SNACK TIME and LUNCHTIME: Fit into your family’s schedule.

PLAYTIME: An important part of everyday in PreK!

Math: Count and create with shapes to make your own OLAF:

Draw 1 oval shape
Draw 2 circles
(These will be Olaf’s body)
Cut them out and put them aside.
Draw 2 oval eyes. Remember to draw circle eyeballs inside.
Draw I triangle for his carrot nose. Color it orange.
Draw 3 circles for buttons. Color them black.
Draw 1 square for a tooth.
Draw 2 long arms with hands. Color them brown.
Now cut out all the rest of the pieces you drew.

Get a piece of paper and some glue so you can collage his whole body together on the paper. You just made Olaf! Draw 10 snowflakes around him! Great job following directions!

If you made your ice painting cubes this morning they should be ready by now. Have some fun painting!

ACTIVE TIME: Do some Frozen cosmic yoga. Namaste. Or play some music and have a FREEZE dance party!