June 4!

Good morning!
It is Thursday. It is June 4th.

SOCIAL STUDIES: It is Brooklyn Day and we live in Brooklyn so let’s celebrate! Brooklyn Day started a very long time ago to celebrate the opening of the first Sunday School that taught kids about God. There was a parade and a party and we have been celebrating ever since! If you want to look like someone from long ago in Brooklyn, ask your grown up to print the top hat or the sun bonnet hat. Color it and cut it out and have your grown up make a headband to attach it to so you can wear it. The boys can even get a fake moustache drawn on with mom’s makeup pencil. You can add to it by dressing up old fashioned if you would like just like we have the vests and ties and skirts in our classroom dress up bucket!

RELIGION: Let’s think about LOVE today. Watch a YouTube video about Saint Paul writing a letter to his friends saying LOVE is the most important thing! After the video, draw a picture or do a FaceTime message to send to someone you LOVE and tell them why you love them. Your grown up can help you with the words and sending the message.

ELA/LITERACY: Follow the Read Aloud story of 21 Elephants and Still   Standing on YouTube all about the Brooklyn Bridge. Questions that you will learn the answers to after the story!

Who was PT Barnum?
What was the problem?
How did he use 21 elephants to solve the problem?
Did his plan work?

Have you ever walked across the Brooklyn Bridge?
Have you ever been to Brooklyn Bridge Park?
Maybe during the summer you can do both ?

MUSIC: See what Mrs. Cullen’s final activity is for you.

SNACKTIME and LUNCHTIME: Follow your family schedule.

PLAYTIME: Can be your STEM time today.

SCIENCE/TECHNOLOGY- ENGINEERING/MATH: You are invited to create a bridge over water that is strong enough for people or cars or elephants or dinosaurs to cross over without the bridge falling down. Look at some pictures. Think of what materials you have that you can use:

Make a plan
Build your bridge
Test it out with what you are having cross the bridge
Hope your bridge building was a success!
Share a picture of it.

ART: The flower of Brooklyn is the forsythia. It is a beautiful yellow flowering bush that blooms in Spring. We missed seeing it together in the Church garden this spring. We are going to draw it together in the morning. Bring paper and crayons or markers to Zoom.

INDEPENDENT TIME: Enjoy the rest of your Brooklyn Day!