June 5!

It is Friday, June 5,2020.
You will become a Kindergarten student then!
See you on Zoom on Monday at 10am sharp with your family.  

RELIGION: Sunday is Trinity Sunday. The concept of three persons in one God is not easy for any of us to fully understand. The story on YouTube 3 in 1 explains it with the concept of an apple which children do know about. Watch it with your child.

ELA/Literacy: The Read Aloud story on YouTube – The Wonderful Things You Can Be is a charming story that celebrates growing up. Boys and girls, you have grown so much since September. We are all so proud of you!

ACTIVE TIME: For in the house:

Boom Chicka Boom Summer Dance Songs for Kids
Action Songs, Summer Songs + More/Kid Song Compilation

ACTIVE TIME: Outside…Be safe and have fun!

SNACKTIME and LUNCHTIME: Follow your family’s schedule


MATH: Ice cream cone math is fun. Make the game with your grown up. Cut out some triangles for the cones. Have your grown up help you write numbers on them. If you have pompoms, they can be the scoops of ice cream. If you don’t have pompoms, that’s fine. Have your grown up help you cut out a bunch of circles. Count out how many scoops of ice cream matching the number on the cone. Maybe you can have a real ice cream cone after all that hard work!

SOCIAL STUDIES: Parents take care of us. We celebrated Mom on Mother’s Day. Let’s start to get ready for Father’s Day. Have your Mom help you to do the All About My Dad activity.  Have Mom save it for Father’s Day. I sent your Mom a picture of a footprint guitar craft that might be fun to make for Dad. You can write “Dad, you rock”! on the page after it’s done. Have fun. 

PARENTS: See you and your soon to be Kindergarten student at 10am on Monday. Our Step Up Ceremony will be short and sweet.
I sent you a temporary diploma to print but you can design your own if you like or have your artist create their own. When I announce your child’s name then you will hand your graduate their diploma.
Mr. Berry will congratulate the children after the Hail Mary prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance.