June 9!

Good morning to everyone!
Today is Tuesday.
It is June 9, 2020.

Our class did a terrific job Stepping Up to Kindergarten on Zoom yesterday! Now you have a whole summer ahead of you! Pray. Play. Read and write. Dance and Sing. Draw. Paint. Sculpt clay. Imagine. Create. Listen. Look. Be loud. Be still. Jump. Run. Walk Hop and skip. Be yourself. Be helpful. Be kind.

There is a nice story on YouTube titled Be Kind. If you choose to Read Along with it, you will like it. It made me happy to read this book because it’s other people doing all the kind things that you all know how to do. Maybe after you read it you might draw or paint about it or make a BE KIND sign. 

It’s going to be a beautiful day so maybe you are going outside to play. Be safe and careful.

Here is some Science fun for you. Do some sink and float experiments. You know the difference between things that are heavy & light. Things that are heavy will sink like a ship’s anchor. Things that are light like a pool floaty will float. Try it with some small things and see what will happen. You can ask your grown up to help you fill up a pan with water and then you will be ready to experiment.

Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday doing what you like. I’ll give you a few things to do each day until school ends next week.

Keep saying your morning prayers and your grace prayer before you eat. Keep washing your hands very well to keep those germs away.