Homework this week 11/18/19

Please Send in a box of 24 Crayons

Monday – Superkids –

                   Math – 

Tuesday – Superkids – p. 
                   Math – pgs.

Wednesday – Superkids – p. 
                         Math – pgs. 

Gym – Wear Gym uniforms and sneakers

Thursday – Superkids – p. 
                     Math – pgs. 
                     Handwriting letter Ff

Sight Words: Please review every night (Put of index cards)

as, at. a. all. away, and, are, am

come, can, came, could

down, did, day, do

got, go, get, green

I, in, it, is, into

look, little, like, love

our, out, on, off, one, of

saw. say, seven, six, see, soon, said, she,so

to, the,two, three,that, they, then, ten, this

for, from, four, five