Posted on November 7, 2019

Monday – Superkids – p. 29

                   Math –  Worksheet

Send in a new box of crayons 24 ct., 2 large glue sticks, 3 sharpened pencils

Tuesday – Superkids – p. 30

                    Math – Worksheet

Pancake /Pajama Day

Wednesday – Superkids – p. 31

                         Math – Worksheet

Thursday – Superkids – p. 32

                     Handwriting letter Vv

Sight Words: Please review every night (Put of index cards)

as, at. a. all. away, and, are, am

come, can, came, could

down, did, day, do

got, go, get, green

I, in, it, is, into

look, little, like, love

our, out, on, off, one, of

saw. say, seven, six, see, soon, said, she,so

to, the,two, three,that, they, then, ten, this

for, from, four, five, first

eight, eat

have, he, his, has, him, her, 

under, us 

by, big, be, but, because, blue, black, brown

red, run, ran

no, not, new, nine

me, my, most, mine

put, please, pretty, play, purple, pink

no letter v words



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