Posted on November 7, 2019


Parents, Kindergarten will be making Firefighter Survival Kits which will be sent to a firehouse. This is part of our Catholic School’s week project.  Grades LA – 3 grade will take part in this project. Each student will be assigned to bring in 3 bags of a specific candy. The Candy is due on Monday, January 27. Please help us to make this a successful event by donating candy. I will post your child’s name with the specific candy:

Julia Fattouh – Snickers 3 bags

Madison Hazel – peppermint patties 3 bags

Ashley Hernandez – Sanchez – Hershey Kisses 3 bags

Shemii Shabazz – Starburst 3 bags

Trenton Rader – Snickers 3 bags

Any questions please feel free to ask me. Thank you for your help and effort.

Monday – Superkids – p. 20

                   Math – pgs. 137 & 138


LA – 3 will make survival kits for the FDNY using candy

Tuesday – No Homework Student Appreciation Day

LA – 2 Olympics 8:30 AM

Students must wear their Olympic Tshirts, gym pants and sneakers.

Wednesday – Superkids – p. 21

                         Math – pgs. 139-140

Thursday – Superkids – p. 22

                     Math – pgs. 141-142

                     Handwriting letter Mm

Friday – Dress Down

 Sight Words: Please review every night (Put of index cards)

as, at. a. all. away, and, are, am

come, can, came, could

down, did, day, do

got, go, get, green

I, in, it, is, into

look, little, like, love

our, out, on, off, one, of

saw. say, seven, six, see, soon, said, she,so

to, the,two, three,that, they, then, ten, this

for, from, four, five, first

eight, eat

have, he, his, has, him, her, 

under, us 

by, big, be, but, because, blue, black, brown

red, run, ran

no, not, new, nine

me, my, most, mine


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