Marvel Science Club Week 4

Today, Marvel Science Lab welcomed new scientists. After introductions, we knew everyone’s names and our favorite superheroes.

Genie in a Bottle revealed that our science session topic was the marvel of Hydrogen Peroxide.

Hydrogen Peroxide is widely used by different industries and has many uses. It can dye hair or power a rocket or even Ironman’s suit! By mixing yeast with hydrogen peroxide, we extracted oxygen, and pasta provided great fuel for our engine.

The chemical reaction also can inflate a balloon and we didn’t need to use any special “equipment” like our lungs.

Hydrogen Peroxide, soap and yeast also makes a great toothpaste, especially for Hulk. Our Hulk toothpaste was a great success. It was fun to play with and, of course, a little messy. Eventually, some of the scientists became as green as Hulk himself.