Marvel Science Club Week 8

Today we explored the science of air. To start we had a mystery to solve. How did a balloon full of water get inside of an “empty” Cola bottle?

The first step was to answer the following question – is a bottle with no water empty or full? It appears to be empty but why can’t we squeeze it then? Actually, it is full of air. The next question was how can we push all the air outside of a bottle and inflate a balloon at the same time? For that we need another hole in the bottle. Once we’ve done that we can inflate the balloon and pour water into it. Then we just need to tie the balloon and leave it inside of a bottle. 

For the next experiment we watched boiled eggs and grapes get pushed inside of different bottles. And when we say “pushed” we mean pushed by air. The fact is that hot air takes up more space and when it’s cooling down there is a different air pressure within that area. We warmed up the air inside of a bottle. We then took a boiled and peeled egg that blocked the access for colder air to enter the bottle. Then, the air pressure outside of the bottle pushes that egg into the bottle. See the evidence in our pictures and marvel at the science of air pressure!