Marvel Science Lab Week 6

Marvel Science Lab explored the topics of friction, air resistance and gravity. We learned about Galileo Galilei and recreated several experiments from his time. Kids observed that the speed of a ball rolling down the slope doesn’t only depend on the size, weight or materials of the ball. The friction between the surfaces controls the speed of the rolling ball. We also saw and understood a concept of air resistance by dropping umbrellas from a tower of Pisa. An open umbrella falls down a lot slower than a closed one. It is all because of air that is getting caught under the open umbrella. We still don’t know how Superman can fly with all that air resistance and gravity! The students loved building Yellow Balloon Water Taxis. That experiment introduced us to the third law of motion. We now know that for every action there is an opposite reaction as stated by Sir Isaac Newton. We will continue learning about Newton’s laws next time.