Marvel Science Week 7

Our superhero scientists learned about electromagnetic waves, such as visible light waves, and others like radio, ultraviolet, and infrared. We even took some infrared snapshots. We now know that we are a lot warmer than a turtle or snake. 

But since humans can only see the light waves, we decided to concentrate on those. We discussed primary colors of light and paint. We had to prove that primary colors of light, if combined, would be white. We then recreated Newton’s experiments with a prism and discovered ROYGBIV aka the colors of the rainbow. 

For our next experiment we observed how from the primary colors of paint you can create and see secondary colors. By spinning a color wheel with red, blue and yellow, we saw purple and orange appear.

What would we name a Superhero to represent all of these colors and what would his/her superpower be we wondered?  How about UniKitty and her superpower is being super happy? 

Our scientists were also happy to see how three flashlights of red, blue and green project light on objects and create shadows with all those marvelous colors that our eyes can see. Of course making shadow puppets with your fingers are fun too!


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