May 19!

Good Tuesday morning to you!

How are you today? It is May 19th

This morning we’ll have a color scavenger hunt.
So be ready for some fun!

RELIGION: Don’t forget that it is Blessed Mother Mary’s month.  Say a Hail Mary or a whole decade of them. Draw some pretty flowers for her. Make her a bouquet to put near her picture or statue if you have one at home. She deserves our love every single day.

ELA/LITERACY: Some more Zz work today. Read on Epic: Zachary Zebra’s Zippity Zooming! Do the Zz word activities at the end. You can watch the letter Zz story there, too.

SCIENCE: Let’s keep zebra learning going. 

Watch on YouTube: Why Do Zebras Have Stripes? It’s very interesting. I sent your grown up a link. Three different kinds of zebras have three different kinds of stripes. After the video get some white paper and black paint or crayons and create some zebra stripe art. Show them to me on Wednesday. I love stripes and zebra stripes are so beautiful. Have fun. Will you show your zebra striped art to us on Wednesday morning Zoom? I hope so.

SNACKTIME and LUNCHTIME: Are part of your family’s schedule. Keep washing your hands well. Remember 20 seconds is what it takes to get them clean. Say your thank you prayer, too. 

ACTIVE TIME and PLAYTIME: Fit into your family schedule.

SOCIAL STUDIES: Next Monday is a special holiday. It is Memorial Day where we remember all the brave heroes who died for the USA. We honor heroes who are living, too. You might have someone in your family who was a military hero. Watch the PBS video I sent your grown up to learn more about Memorial Day. The flower we always think of to honor them on Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day in November is the red poppy flower. I sent your grown up a picture of an idea to make a paper plate poppy. You can hang it on your wall or window. We’ll make another fun red, white and blue craft on Thursday. Maybe you can sing God Bless America when you are making your flower.

MATH: Practice your numbers. Count to 20 a few times. Count slow like a turtle. Count fast like a jaguar. Practice writing the ones you know   how to write. Your grown up can help you. Make a bingo card for Wednesday morning. We are going to play Number Bingo. Write ONE NUMBER from 0 to 20 in each of the nine boxes. Get your markers ready and we will play on Zoom.

INDEPENDENT TIME: Now it’s your time to do whatever you want to work on. Learn something new. Practice a sport. Practice dancing. Read books. Do puzzles. Dig for worms. Build something. Cook with your grown up. Sing. Have fun whatever you do!