May 20!

Good Morning!

Today is Wednesday. It is May 20th.
It is World Bee Day!
Did you know bees communicate by dancing?

MATH: Have your number bingo card ready for our Zoom Bingo game this morning. Remember, there are 9 boxes so you will need to write one number to a box. Use any numbers from 0 to 20. Your grown up can help you.

ELA/LITERACY: Go to Epic Reading site for stories and a video about bees. Honey Bees and Bees both books by Colleen Sexton and The Baby Bumble Bee video that teaches a good lesson about not taking a bumble bee home!

After you watch, draw in your Journal or on paper about something you learned. Your grown up can help you with the sentence about it. Some of my friends are so good at writing now – your grown up can just help you with how to spell the words and you can write the sentence otherwise your grown up can write it for you. That is great, too. The word bee is easy  –   b  e  e

SNACKTIME   and   LUNCHTIME: Fit into your family schedule. Is anyone having some honey on bread as part of their snack or lunch? I know Giovanni ate honey sometimes on his bread. Thank a honey bee for that!

PLAYTIME: Have fun and be sure to put things back where they belong unless it is a project you are working on like Lars’ lego construction.
I sent you a pith helmet. It is a hat you can make to wear if you like when you explore bees later. Your grown up will help you make the band to wear it on your head after you color and cut it out. 

SCIENCE: Learn about bees. Watch the videos on the links I sent your grown up. What did you learn?  Talk about it with your grown up. Bee hives are made of hexagon shapes. You can use some to make a bee hive. Use your imagination and create a one. You can make some bees to work in the hive for the queen bee. Maybe she can wear a crown so we know she is the queen! Listen to some music while you work. The Flight of the Bumblebee is very famous classical music or listen to some Bebop jazz music.

Grown ups: I sent a link for a fun learning activity about pollination but  you need candy and cheese balls or cheese doodles for it. Might be fun for another day if you don’t have those in your house now. Learning can happen over time since it’s not a one day and done sort of thing. 

INDEPENDENT TIME: You have time to play more. Go outside. Read more. Learn more about something new.