May 21!

Good morning!
Today is May 21, 2020.
It is a Holy day.
It is Ascension Thursday.
It is the day that Jesus went back up to Heaven.
It was 40 days after Easter.

RELIGION: Watch the video about Jesus ascending to Heaven. There is a picture of Jesus to print OR you can draw your own picture of Him.  You can use blue paper to make the sky and some white cotton balls or crumpled white paper to create some clouds and do a collage about Jesus ascending (going up) to Heaven. 

ELA/LITERACY: The other day you read The Carrot Seed by Ruth Krauss. Today there is another story to enjoy of hers. It’s called Roar Like A Dandelion. It is an A to Z story that is a lot of fun! Afterwards, choose one of the pages that made you feel happy and draw about it. Tell why you liked it.

SNACK TIME  &  LUNCHTIME: Fit into your family schedule. Remember to always wash your hands with soap and water and dry them well before you eat. Do you SING the Thank You song or SAY a prayer?
Jesus is happy with either one!

PLAYTIME: Do you think all of the toys in our classroom are missing us?   I know you are thinking I am silly because we know toys have no feelings! It is still fun to use our imaginations even if we know something is not real! Have fun with your toys. Put things back where they belong when you are done.    

SOCIAL STUDIES: Let’s start to celebrate Memorial Day, which is on Monday.  We will have the day off. There is a nice story to read on YouTube called Memorial Day Surprise? What was Marco’s surprise? Ask who the veterans are in your family and celebrate them! There is a fun project to make with a paper plate. It is a red, white and blue windsock that will blow in the wind. I sent a picture of how it looks so your grown up can see how you can make it. Jack Hartmann has a nice America song to listen to on YouTube. You can listen to some more patriotic music and see a parade.

Happy Memorial Day!

INDEPENDENT TIME: The rest of your day is for you. 

Tomorrow I will send you a day of fun activities to do like your own Walk A Thon or Field Day. I will see everyone back on Zoom on Tuesday,   May 26. 

Bring something for SHOW and TELL that day.