May 22!

Good Morning!
Today is Friday.
It is May 22nd, 2020.
It is the start of the holiday weekend.
Monday is Memorial Day!
We will be together again on Tuesday.

Today you can have fun inside or outside. 


Start with some fun walking songs to warm up. Walk Outside and Walk, Walk, Walk by Raffi on YouTube will get you walking! There is also Listen and Move.

I sent your grown up a bunch of fun ideas for games to play. You can decide together which ones to create so you can do them.

Kaboom is a fun alphabet game. You need popsicle sticks or pieces of paper to make it.  

Ideas for a Beach Ball game. You can make a game spinner and it tells you what to do with the ball!

Marshmallow Shooters is a fun game.

Create a Chalk Maze to follow if you are playing outside.

Broad Jump is fun to see how far you can jump from one line to another.

Keep Balloons in the Air game.

ABC Hidden Object game is fun.


SNACKTIME and LUNCHTIME: Fit into your family schedule. If it was Walk A Thon Day at school we would have a BBQ picnic in the schoolyard for our lunch. Maybe you can have a hot dog or hamburger for lunch today!

When you feel like just sitting for a while. I sent you a spring cutting activity to do. You can color and cut a snail, a butterfly and an ice cream cone.

Enjoy the rest of your day playing inside or outside. Stay safe!

See you on Tuesday. Bring something to Zoom for Show and Tell