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November Music!

What’s new in MUSIC for NOVEMBER:

Our month of November started of with a performance by Holy Angels Junior Chorus performing “I Sing a Song of the Saints of God” at the All Saints Day assembly. It was their first public performance and the excitement was palpable. 

In the lower grades our general music classes will include seasonal and holiday music, songs and games encouraging correct singing and use of classroom instruments to accompany our songs.

Third grade students will be introduced to their flutophones and begin learning intonation and fingering, while fourth and fifth grades continue learning music on their recorders. 

Sixth grade will be reinforcing their study of notation using “Music Maestro”, a series of interactive smartboard lessons and games to experience rhythms and notation in real time.

Seventh graders are becoming experts at identifying instruments of the orchestra by sight and sound. So far, we are moving through the string family.

Eight graders are listening to the tone poem “Danse Macabre” by Camille Saint-Saens, and discovering the ways in which a composer paints a visual imagery using instruments. 

All classes have begun learning their selections for the Christmas Concert coming up on December 19th. Shortly, the list of costume suggestions will be posted.

All three Performing Groups have been hard at work learning music for the Christmas Concert.





October Music!

Kindergarten shows off our new powerhouse egg shakers, perfect for little hands that make big rhythms.


Student at Smartboard learning about the components of a note.


Second graders demonstrate a beat-keeping, coordination game that is lots of fun!






September Music!

Music classes have begun with great participation and enthusiasm. 

Younger classes have been busy keeping the beat with songs and body percussion.

Upper grades have begun a review of our National Anthem and other patriotic tunes, and have been busy learning our new school song!

Our new performing groups of Chorus, Junior Chorus and Tone Chime Choir are delving into performance techniques and starting to build their repertoires. They sound great!


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