Our Philosophy

Holy Angels Catholic Academy shares the educational ministry of the Catholic Church. Its primary educational mission is the proclamation of the Good News of Jesus Christ as it prepares its students to translate this proclamation into their personal, family, academic, and community lives. The philosophy of Holy Angels Catholic Academy is further determined by the firm belief that every student has the right to learn and to realize his/her potential.

Through the uniform efforts and attitudes of faculty and staff, priests, school board, parents, and students, Holy Angels Catholic Academy develops, in the light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, a sense of community by recognizing and by celebrating the dignity and uniqueness of each individual as created by God. We endeavor to promote respect for self and for others by respectful dealings with students and with each other.

Personal growth begins in the home and is reinforced in a community of faith. We believe that parents and faculty are partners in the academic and social growth of our students. We recognize the importance of each faculty member as a personal representative of the faith and values held by the Catholic Church and transmitted through Holy Angels Catholic Academy.

The educational policies of Holy Angels Catholic Academy are determined by the Office of the Superintendent of Schools of the Diocese of Brooklyn and by New York State. We believe that these policies, implemented within a Christ centered atmosphere, enable each student to pursue his/her goals beyond Holy Angels Catholic Academy community. We believe that the presentation of such policies requires appropriate renewal and prudent innovation.

The philosophy of Holy Angels Catholic Academy is finally determined by the belief that the school should foster student independence which enables them to accept their responsibilities as Christian citizens of their neighborhood, nation and global community.