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Spring is just around the corner/ We hope!

Posted on February 20, 2020

Hoping everyone is having a good school break whether you are at home or away or juggling child care for your student each day. Parents have the MOST important job!
When we are back on Monday ,the 24th we have  a busy week ahead.
We will begin The Country Mouse and the City Mouse in Happily Ever After.
On Tuesday we will celebrate Mardi Gras/ Fat Tuesday the day before Lent begins.
As has been the tradition at our school ,we will have Pancake and Pajamas Day. We can all wear a cozy pair of pajamas to school and pancakes will be served to all the children for lunch. If your student doesn’t like pancakes you can send regular lunch otherwise just send an AM snack on Tuesday.
On Wednesday we will  go to OLA church and receive ashes as a sign of our faith. The children will learn about Lent and we will do a classroom activity where we trace our footprints and  put them around a cross as a symbol of being followers of Jesus.
When Friday comes we will have Leap Day fun  celebrating in advance of Saturday ,the extra day in February this year!  

Looking forward to seeing all the boys and girls again.
Hope they are saying their prayers and being read to each day  as your time allows and drawing and singing and moving and having fun!!!!




On our way to the 100th Day of Prekindergarten!

Posted on February 9, 2020

This week we are excited to reach our 100th day on Friday and it is Valentine’s Day! All our Friday activities will be centered around those two special events. We will have our celebration in the afternoon. Our terrific class mom is taking care of things for us. Don’t forget your child’s Valentines for our class mail box .You are welcome to send treats for classmates. Non sweet treats are welcome ,too!

Before we reach Friday  we have our regular schedule for our week. We will finish up The Nightingale in our Literacy work. We are going to learn about five sided pentagons in our shape study in Math Center.We also use hearts for some number activities. I n Science we are going to continue dental health that we began last week and keep remembering ways we stay healthy and not spread germs. We are going to learn about two famous presidents in Social Studies. Abraham Lincoln whose birthday we  will celebrate on Wednesday and George Washington who was the first president. The children saw these two presidents represented by 8th graders during Catholic School’s Week.

As always we pray every day and spend time learning about God’s love for us and how Jesus wants us to live and shine our light in the world. Hope you like the precious nightlights that the children made with clay last week.

Hoping everyone will be back feeling healthy on Monday including our Miss Barbara who was not feeling well.

Mid Winter Recess begins at dismissal on Friday. We will all be back together again on Monday, February 24th,

Tuesday February 25th is Mardi Gras /Fat Tuesday. It is our  school tradition that we wear pajamas to school and our served a pancake lunch happily made by our own school parent volunteers.
The next day is Ash Wednesday and we begin the season of Lent. We will receive ashes that day. The children will learn about both days in advance.
Thank you so much.


February 2020

Posted on February 2, 2020

Our class had a great time last week celebrating our community,ourselves, our country and our school!

This week we will continue The Nightingale Unit in Reading and our letter study will include L,M and N.
Some of our art projects will be centered around the story.We will create the nightingale in her gilded cage and the jeweled bird from the story.
During Math Center we will learn about polygons and continue number study.With Valentine’s Day around the corner we’ll use hearts for counting and for creating patterns.
We will begin a unit on dental health as February is Dental Health month.
Our Religion lessons will focus on Jesus as the LIGHT of the world.

We have a 12:15 pm dismissal on Friday.

We will have a Valentine’s Day party on February 14.
Our  Terrific Class Mom  will be in touch about sending paper goods,treats,juice,etc.We will have a classroom mailbox for Valentine cards.



January 20- January 24

Posted on January 19, 2020

We have a four day week again this week since we are celebrating Dr.Martin Luther King , JR. birthday on Monday.

In Reading we will finish Jingles,Poems and Rhymes and begin The Nightingale which is a Chinese fairy tale.
It is timely because we will learn about Chinese New Year this week since it begins on Saturday ,January 25.

The Scholastic Book Fair takes place this week from Tuesday through Thursday. You can have your child purchase books on any of those days.


YOU ARE INVITED TO OPEN HOUSE AT Saint Anselm’s which will be the site of the new BAY RIDGE CATHOLIC ACADEMY in September. 


A letter will be sent home about our Community Event participation  on Monday .Jan.27. We will be making Survival Kits with sweet treats for our local firefighters to say thanks for their hard and brave jobs. EVERY  STUDENT HAS BEEN ASSIGNED A CANDY ITEM TO BRING TO CREATE OUR BAGS. PLEASE SEND YOUR ITEM BY NEXT MONDAY.  I am not posting list here . List will be sent home.

Tuesday- January 28- Student Appreciation Day and Student Olympics Day
Our class will participate in the L.A.- GRADE 2 session of the Olympics.You are invited to join us in the gym at 8:30 AM.
Students will receive free of charge a team shirt to wear on Tuesday.
The children will celebrate with make your own ice cream sundae in the cafeteria after lunch with all the students.
Grades 3-8 have their Olympics in the evening at 630 PM.

Wednesday- President’ s Day– Grade 8 presents speeches and skits about famous presidents in the auditorium beginning at 9 AM.
We will learn about some president’s too in our classroom and be visited by the 8th graders in costume. It is a great learning experience. There will also be a travelling historic exhibit that we will visit during the day . You are invited to come to school at 9 AM to see the 8th grade students in action.

Thursday- Vocation Awareness Day
Happy Birthday , James!

For our class it will be a fun day to think about what you might be when you grow up. The children cane come to school dressed as who they might be when they grow up.
We cordially invite any parent who would like to come talk to us about what they do to come visit our class. We hope a few of you might take us up on this. Your child would be so delighted to have you come and share your career with us. Please give it thought and say yes!

Friday- Faculty and Staff Appreciation  Day-

This concludes CATHOLIC SCHOOLS WEEK FOR 2019- 2020


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