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Friday Fun for PreK Friends

Posted on March 26, 2020

Good Morning!   When you say your prayer this morning ask Our Lady Help of the Sick to pray for  us and help people get better.
It is Friday March 27!   There are 4 days left in March. Then it will be April!
 Let’s be silly today!
You might wear a beach hat in the house!Or wear two different socks? Wear your shirt backwards? Make up some silly words? 
For your Journal today draw a silly picture .Think of something silly like this? Cats and dogs riding the bus?  Birds going to school?  Santa bringing jack o lanterns instead of presents?  Think of something so silly it makes you laugh as you draw it.

Now before you have your snack watch on you tube Shake Your Sillies Out/ Brain Breaks/  Songs for kids/ The Learning Station

SNACK TIME  Sing Tops and Bottoms 2x when you wash your hands
and say our  Thank You for the world so sweet poem.

Book Time and Scavenger Hunt afterwards  Look at White Rabbit’s Color Book from the diocesan reading suggestion for today.  You know so many colors and shapes you ‘ll do great having to find things in your house for each color! 
Go through the colors in the rainbow. Have fun!

PLAY TIME     It’s Friday.What toys /games haven’t you played with this week?  Choose something different.

SCIENCE    Remember that we were learning the five food groups.       
                      1  DAIRY
                      2  PROTEINS
                      3 VEGETABLES
                      4 FRUITS
                       5 GRAINS
Watch on you tube :  The Fabulous Food Groups

and    Good Foods/ Healthy Foods/Song for Kids /Jack Hartmann
Think about the food groups when you have lunch. Did you have something from every group? 
After Lunch you can play a very fun game on  pbs kids. Foodie Truck Game with Grover and Cookie Monster. You can prepare a lot of  yummy foods in the game. Think of the 5 food groups when you follow the recipes.

LUNCH TIME    Wash your hands. Sing the Happy Birthday song 2 x.
Say grace. What food groups does your lunch contain?
Quiet Time after Lunch    Rest with some favorite books. 
Play the Foodie Truck Game on pbs kids when you get up. 

Friday Afternoon Fun     What will you do? It is going to be a rainy day. Maybe you can clean up your room a little bit?  Help a grownup do a chore. Bake cookies? Make popcorn? Watch a movie? 
Play a  board game? Play a memory game? Bingo?
The end of our school day is 2 o’clock.You can keep having fun after that!














If its Thursday it is Music Day ,too.

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Hi Parents,

    On Thursday our class has music with Mrs, Cullen from 10:50 to 11:25 .If you would like to add this to your morning today or even tomorrow  go to her Class Page on this website. We all enjoy her class so this will be a great addition to the day,
We have Art with her on Mondays so you can check her Art  class page as well.   
# stay home# stay safe
Pope Francis asks that we pray the Our Father at noon each day.We are learning that prayer in school so your child may need help with all the words,

It is Thursday!

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Good Morning everyone!

I was so glad to hear from more families yesterday and see how you are all working on school at home!
It’s not the same as being together of course but we can all do our best to do what we have to do so we can fight the germs and go back to all the things we loved to do.

Literacy Time  All the activities we do prepare us as emergent readers. Boys and girls who are learning about language.

 After your prayers and the pledge and songs today  get your Journal / paper and draw about what you like about being at home all the time. Do you like it? Why? Don’t you like it? Why? Tell a grownup your sentence and they can write it for you. On another page practice writing your name 5 x. That was a lot of writing but it is good practice for Kindergarten.
Book Time – Do you have a nursery rhyme book?  Recite a bunch of rhymes we learned together This a good review.
Hickory  Dickory Dock
Hey Diddle Diddle
Mary Had a Little Lamb
Jack and Jill
Humpty Dumpty
Baa Baa Black Sheep
There Was an Old Woman

SNACK TIME     Wash your hands and say grace.

PLAY TIME  Can you be a vet like Doc Mc Stuffins?  Can you pretend you are a teacher?  Can you be a mom or a Dad taking care of a family?  Can you be in charge of a parking lot with your cars?  Can you be an astronaut in a pretend space craft? Sometimes its fun to play something different.

More Literacy Time before Lunch.
Watch our friend Jack Hartmann on you tube and learn about letter Ss. Watch a Sesame Street video on you tube about letter Ss. There are so many s words. You could sit and think and think  You can practice writing Ss  ,
The SUN is the biggest  star.Can you draw or paint a giant  sun?? 
Can you draw six straight sticks?
Sing a silly song?
Slither like a snake.
Swim like  a shark?
You did a super job.
Give your brain a kiss.

LUNCH TIME    Wash your hands and sing We say Thank you...
Quiet Time after Lunch   Rest for awhile with a book or a favorite stuffed animal.

Math Time –  Do the  activity for Brown Rabbit’s Shape Book from the diocesan plan for Thursday. After the story spend time on drawing and recognizing shapes  and counting sides and  corners. 
You c
an create A Shape Book . You can print out a variety of shapes to color and cut or use decorative. paper to create the shapes.

Active Time you tube The Learning Station Brain Breaks Action Songs for Children  and Shake your Sillies out 
If you can play in  your yard or walk around the block you can do that ,too. Remember we are not supposed to be near lots of people so no playground for now.

   End of the Day Time   Use this time to do something else you want to do or something you didn’t finish .
 FUN FACT –  Today is National Spinach Day. Do you like spinach? There was a cartoon sailor named Popeye from a long time ago who LOVED SPINACH!  He wanted to eat it all the time. 



Are you ready for the new day?

Posted on March 24, 2020

Good Morning to you, good morning everybody,
good morning to you!  Do all your Morning Activities from prayers to songs.
Today is Wednesday ,March 25,2020.

RELIGION  It is a special day. It is the Annunciation. It’s the day Angel Gabriel told Mary that God chose her to be Jesus’ mother.  Think about how Mary felt about the news?  Ask your mom to tell you how she felt when she found out you were going to be born? She must have been so excited. 

Watch on you tube: Christian Kids TV  Angel Visits Mary/Jesus Tales/Stories of Jesus 
Remember when we learned about this at Christmas time?
In your Journal/on paper draw about the story.Have a grownup help you write about it.You can draw Angel Gabriel,Mary,Joseph even Mary’s cousin. Say the Hail Mary together when you are done.
A  lot of artists from long ago painted pictures of Mary and Angel Gabriel. Look at some of them on Google images.

SNACK TIME  Wash your hands and say grace. Can you sing We say thank you….
Book Time

PLAY TIME   Maybe today you can play going on a pretend trip or vacation like we do in the classroom? Or pretend you are camping and ask a grownup to help make a tent with two chairs and a sheet spread across so you can huddle underneath.?
Use your imagination today.
When a grownup says time is up ,put your things away with a smile  :}

Science / Literacy  ”Snow Rabbit, Spring Rabbit Read Aloud Video  (diocesan download for Wed.)
We learned together about animals hibernating and migrating in winter.
A lot of new baby animals are born in Spring. Talk about what you know and what you learned.
You can do the bunny footprints counting game.

LUNCH TIME   Was your hands. Can you help to make lunch?  It could be fun. 
Quiet Time After Lunch  with a book you love.

Academic Time – Work on letter R r. Watch our friend Jack  Hartmann on you tube.Sing and learn the letters of the alphabet Work on Rr today. After the videos brainstorm [ think] like we do together and name Rr words. Can you write some capital and lower case Rs .
 How about coloring a rainbow?  Or draw a rabbit or some things that are red? Or a rainy day?
Spend some I pad time working on your letters . 

Active Time    Go has plenty of videos to get your wiggles out  or you tube has some bunny hop songs for dancing to keep the bunny rabbit theme going.

 Middle of the week movie time – Its going to be a rainy afternoon Pick a favorite movie to  watch and have a snack.

Be a good listener. Grownups love you so very much but they have things to do TOO so when you cooperate ,you are a SUPERSTAR!










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