Our Pre-K program will provide many experiences to meet your child’s needs in physical, social, emotional, cognitive and spiritual development. The program will develop high self-esteem in each child through a positive feeling towards learning. There will be adequate time and space for each child to play, explore, imagine, create and in doing so, associate pleasure with learning!

  • Social and Emotional Development – As children develop socially, they learn to take turns, help their friends, cooperate with others, and play together. Emotional development includes the ability to recognize and understand their own feelings and actions as well as how their actions affect others.
  • Motor Skills – Gross motor skills are built into our every day activities in Pre-K through various activities, allowing them to explore the world and help move their bodies! Fine motor skills are the ability to use small muscles in our hands and wrists. Children rely on these skills to do key tasks in school and in every day life. All of our puzzle time, pre-writing and sensory activities work towards building these essential skills.
  • Literacy – Our reading program is Happily Ever After, which is the Pre-school component of Superkids. It is the reading program created by Pleasant Rowland, the Founder of American Girl Dolls. The program consists of 10 units based on 10 different stories from which all our emergent reader activities come. In addition to this program, the children are exposed to a wide variety of literature – both classic and new. Students enjoy book time and “Read Aloud” time daily.
  • Math Readiness – Through a wide variety of hand-on materials and manipulatives, the children learn basic math concepts in a fun and organic way. Our units focus on shapes, numbers, patterns and amounts. We build, sort, count and measure and children actively engage so they can meaningfully develop mathematical ideas and understand concepts.
  • Social Studies & Science Readiness – We learn about our world and our place within; self-awareness, the family, our community, the seasons, holidays, transportation, living things, our growing bodies, our environment, the weather and health and safety rules – all through activities, music, poems, books and art!
  • Religion – Religion is incorporated into all aspects of our program. We pray together daily and the program fosters a healthy self-concept, Christian courtesy, respect for one another, learn prayers (Hail Mary & Our Father) through Bible stories and an awareness of God’s presence. We learn about the Holy Family and that God created the world for us! We learn love and respect for parents, family and each other. Respect for all life and an appreciation for God’s gifts in our world is reinforced in Science and Social Studies as well.
  • Art – Opportunities are presented each day for the children to create, explore a wide variety of art materials. We aim to focus on process over product which is tied together with concepts such as seasons, holidays, nature, famous artists, abstract and geometric shapes and much much more! This not only enhances their development and fine motor skills, but also provides a fuller. broader scope with what they are learning!
  • Music – Many opportunities are given to experience a wide variety of music through singing songs, listening, movement and playing simple musical instruments.
  • Technology – Leaning is enhanced with Smart Board activities, iPad apps and desktop computers in the Technology Center. 

All of these goals and more support the aim to provide a varied supportive environment where your child can explore, discover, talk freely, build, create and grow; never forgetting that it is our home and academy partnership that is the primary ingredient for your child’s success!

In addition to all that happens in our classroom, the students gain experience in special subjects:

Monday – Art

Tuesday – Technology

Thursday – Music

Friday – Gym