Thursday May 21, 2020

Dear Parents,
I hope everyone is doing well. Going forward this week a few things to remember.
• Please email me each morning by 9am so I can mark your child present. In order for your child to be marked present for the day, work needs to be submitted by 8pm.
• Please have your child log into for 20 minutes a day.
• We will also be including physical fitness into our day. Each day the students should be competing in the daily fitness challenge for kids. They should spend about 15 minutes a day doing the workouts. Another great source is
• Please make sure your child logs into either or for 15 minutes a day.
• Please complete 2 pages of handwriting each day
• All worksheets for the lessons will be posted at the bottom of this page.
• Remember to check Mrs. Cullen’s page on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s for assignments. Ms. Jackie will post assignments on Tuesday’s.
Please email me to let me know if your child is struggling with any of the lessons. I can set up a zoom meeting with them to go over anything they are having difficulty with.

Thursday May 21, 2020

ELA Unit 5 lesson 7
Reading- Students will be reading Golly’s New Home and answer comprehension questions
Word Works- students will work on 9- contractions with pronouns

Writing- Many places have their own special kind of pizza, with different crust, sauce, and toppings. Invent a special kind of pizza for where you live. What would the crust be like? How about the sauce? What toppings would you choose? Give your pizza a name. Describe and draw a picture of it and explain why you made the choices you did.  

Math Topic 13.7
Topic- Shapes and their attributes
Objective- Make equal share that do not have the same shape.
Students will work on workbook pages 585-588

Religion Chapter 26 Day 3
Topic- We show love and respect
Objective- to emphasize that Jesus wants us to love and respect others.
Students will read and complete pages 300-301
Students will answer the following questions:
1. Who are some of the people you love?
2. What are some signs of your love for them?
3. What can we do to love as Jesus did?
4. What is Jesus’ new commandment?

Topic Dinosaurs
Students will read a short article about Iguanodon dinosaurs
Students will complete pages 51, 72, 90
Students will watch a you tube video about Iguanodon fun facts

Social Studies
Topic- Memorial Day
Objective- students will write about Who soldiers are, and their needs and wants
Students will complete page 14

unit 5 lesson 7

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