Tuesday 3/24/20

Dear Parents,

Please check Mrs. Cullen’s page for student assignments. Please email me by 9am stating that your child is working to be  marked present for the day. Also have your child log into raz-kids.com for 20 minutes a day. Also have your child log into zearn.org or, happynumbers.com for 15 minutes each day

Tuesday 3/24/20
1. Math fat work book pages 453-456
2. Word Works page 90
3. Reading- students will read Chapter 15 The Star on page 144-145 in their Super Kids reader and answer the questions
4. Spelling worksheet- word unscramble
5. Contraction puzzle- students will have an interactive power point to guide them
6. Writing- Imagine it is your birthday. You have a big outdoor party planned. Now however, it is raining. How do you feel? Draw a picture. Then write 3-4 sentences how you feel and why you feel this way.
7. Religion- Students will read pages 200-201. Students will answer these questions
What do we learn by listening to the Gospel?
What does the priest or deacon do during the homily?
8. Science-Students will compare human needs with plant needs. Students will be viewing a power point presentation. They will then be filling out a Venn diagram comparing plant needs to human needs.
9. Social Studies- cultures/Australia Students will be reading a letter from a student who lives in Australia. They will then be answering questions as if they are that student. They will then be completing a Venn diagram comparing their life to the students life. They will also fill out a fun fact page.
 Students must also be completing 2 pages daily in their handwriting notebooks.