Tuesday May 19, 2020

Dear Parents,
I hope everyone is doing well. Going forward this week a few things to remember.
• Please email me each morning by 9am so I can mark your child present. In order for your child to be marked present for the day, work needs to be submitted by 8pm.
• Please have your child log into getepic.com for 20 minutes a day.
• We will also be including physical fitness into our day. Each day the students should be competing in the daily fitness challenge for kids. They should spend about 15 minutes a day doing the workouts. Another great source is gonoodle.com.
• Please make sure your child logs into either zearn.org or happynumbers.com for 15 minutes a day.
• Please complete 2 pages of handwriting each day
• All worksheets for the lessons will be posted at the bottom of this page.
• Remember to check Mrs. Cullen’s page on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s for assignments. Ms. Jackie will post assignments on Tuesday’s.
Please email me to let me know if your child is struggling with any of the lessons. I can set up a zoom meeting with them to go over anything they are having difficulty with.

Tuesday May 19, 2020

Unit 5 lesson 5
Students will be reading No Good News and answering comprehension questions
Word works- students will complete page 6 comprehension check


Students will write directions on how to make a sandwich using transition words, grade appropriate sentence structure, and proper spelling. Prompt: What is your favorite sandwich? Think of what you need to make it and make a list of ingredients. Now write directions explaining how to make the sandwich. (students will share this during our Wednesday zoom meeting)

Math Topic 13.5
Topic- Shapes and their attributes
Objective- Partition rectangles into equal sized squares.
Students will work on workbook pages 577-580 

Religion Chapter 26 Day 1
Topic- We show love and respect
Objective- To describe the many gifts that God has given us and to learn about the gifts, hope, and love.
Students will read and complete pages 296- and 297
Students will answer the following questions:
1. When do people give gifts?
2. Why do they give gifts?
3. What is the greatest of God’s gift to us?
4. What is the greatest gift we can give God?

Topic Dinosaurs
Students will read a short article about dinosaur’s on page 39,
Students will complete page 88, 99

Social Studies
Topic- Memorial Day
Objective-Students will be able to answer Memorial Day based questions using the 5 w’s
Students will reread page 8 then answer the following questions on page 10
1. Why do we celebrate Memorial Day?
2. Where is the “birthplace” of Memorial Day?
3. Who declared it the official birthplace?
4. When is Memorial Day celebrated?
5. How is Memorial Day celebrated today?

Unit 5 lesson 5

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